Snapshot Moment - 'Love' Ring


Style Theory: Snapshot Product - races into your consciousness in a see love want it but for much, much less!

This 'Love" ring flashed up on a website I was looking at and I was smitten. It is a beautiful addition to a ring collection and can be worn on your middle finger next to engagement & wedding rings, or larger rings without looking 'too much'. Here is the original for £699, 14ct yellow gold dusted with a pave of diamonds:

Sydney Evan at Harrods £699

Beau..ti..ful!! but a little too pricey for my budget so here are the less expensive but still fabulous alternatives:

Alex Monroe £120
I tried this Alex Monroe ring on, it is so beautiful, so delicate and understated. I think I will add it to my Christmas list!

Sydney Evan £77.23 

A slightly less expensive ring, delicate and beautiful. A small word of caution, this is from a US site, so, although cheaper, you have watch out for duties and tax which are added to the price.

Eeekk!! ok, I grant you this one stands out a little against the beautiful, delicate ones above but it is super cheap £4.50 and err 'street'?!

Or in silver:

Stephen Einhorn London £170
This is beautiful, solid silver and would be fab it you were more of a silver/ white gold girl... 

Oliver Bonas £18

Such a reasonable price for this ring.

I completely understand that this is not to everyone tastes and some may think it is slightly chavsville..but I think the style is soo cute...would be a lovely Christmas present! What do you think??

I am off out this weekend to search for the perfect midi skirt and knitted jumpers so will report back asap! 

Happy Friday xxx


  1. I love these rings! Laura Gravestock also does some really reasonable versions, too!

    1. So glad you like them too...I love them but then had a moment of doubt in case everyone thought they were naff!! That moment is over and the laura Gravestock rings are beautiful and super reasonable...I am liking the star one too! Thanks x

  2. These are really sweet. I think they work because they are so petite. Love the first one but I'm with you on the price. It could be a ring that you tire of after a couple of seasons and at that price I would want more than a couple of seasons wear!