Any Excuse for a Present...!


The Robert Doissneau poster that adorned mine and many others university room wall!
Style Theory: Valentines exciting when you are a teenager and get that mystery card, the guessing, hoping it might be from the gorgeous guy you never thought had noticed you but in my case it was normally from the one I sooo didn't want it to be. To me that is what Valentines day is about, teenagers excitment and butterflies..however, I am not one to pass by a present so I have come up with my ultimate Valentines Day gift list. I know I will not receive any of it, and if I am honest I will be lucky if I get a card from my Husband, but a girl can dream...!!

So now it is time for me to suspend reality and just have a look at some totally gorgeous things....

J Crew Collection Cashmere Sweater £248
Petite Bateau by Christian Lacroix £52.50 (on sale)
M&S Luxury Cashmere PJ Bottoms £99
Stella McCartney @ Net a Porter Bra £50
Alex Monroe 'Love' Bracelet £120
M&S Autograph Leather Rucksack £89
Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne £38
The White Company Pomegranate Candle £20
Becksondergaard Scarf @ The Dressing Room £25
Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates @ John Lewis £14
Ok, so I may be treated to some chocolates and if the truth be known, give me a box of After Eights over any posh chocolates and I will be happy!

So that is my Valentines wish list, what is on yours, do you celebrate Valentines or do you resist the hype?!

As always I would love to hear your thoughts, next time I hope to bring you some snaps of my trip to Paris..xxxx


  1. Love the Stella bra - just need to find myself a man!

  2. How I would love to pass the laptop over to the DH and get him to pick me out any one of these items.....all gorgeous!! In reality.....I will get nada....unless I purchase on his behalf!! Kind of defeats the object of valentines being romantic!! Fantastic taste in gifts Frances, as always xx

  3. I'm getting a takeaway curry and a fart on the sofa, I expect. Same every year. A girl can but dream. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  4. Oh I need that JCrew pink jumper in my life! LOVE it - that's one of my most favourite colours. We don't do big presents on VDay..all my hubby ever wants is a steak dinner made by me - easily pleased and just as well seeing as I'm doing Frugal Feb! Avx