Dungarees..yay or nay??

Style Theory: Dungarees are just for toddlers, no? Maybe a few years ago but now they can look chic and cool on grown ups too! They have transcended from babies through to maternity wear and are now being worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike.

They look cool on 20 somethings but I think people slightly older, or in my case a lot older, can wear them too. It is all about styling, keep to one colour like Olivia Palermo, they look fab with ballet pumps and a blouse. Think grown up, keep bags structured, jewellery delicate and throw on grown up coat or trench over the top.
This is my favourite dungaree look, Olivia Palermo styles her black Paige dungarees elegantly with sheer black top underneath and elegant pumps, the recipe for dungaree success.

These khaki dungarees look stunning styled with a white tee, white sandals and a pop of colour with a red bag.
Again, an elegant look with pointed pumps.
Alexa Chung styles her dungarees with classic pumps, white blouse and a Burberry mac.
Love the stripe, heels and red lipstick.
A casual look but again pointed elegant brogues in a vibrant red add a touch of  sophistication. 
Dungarees look great with a sheer white blouse underneath, pull the look together with matching heels.
All white a brave take on the dungaree look.
A delicate T-shirt under a pair of distressed dungarees  adds an elegant touch.
Last year dungarees were worn with trainers and T-Shirt (see the picture of how I styled them last year below) but to bring them up to the 2014 look why not give these styling tips a go:
Wear with a sheer/silk blouse underneath
Or a delicate T-Shirt with subtle embellishment
If wearing black or grey dungarees wear a black or grey top underneath it makes the outfit look more 'put together'
Wear with smart ballet pumps (pointed metallic pumps look great) or with heels or sandals.
Keep jewellery subtle, layers of fine gold jewellery looks fabulous.
Add a structured bag, slouchy bags make the whole outfit look too sloppy.
Add a pop of colour to your neutral outfit with a bright primary coloured bag, red looks great. 
Wear a smart 3/4 length or full length coat or mac over them.

With this in mind here are the best dungarees on the high street:

Paige Dungarees £165
Zara Racerback Jumpsuit £39.99
These are a safe way to wear the dungaree look, would look lovely worn with a sheer long sleeved black top underneath and a pair of flat pointy pumps.

Try with a top like this:
Mango Stripe Texture T £14.99 (also comes in white to wear with denim/grey dungarees)
These shoes:

Russell and Bromley ToThe Point Shoe £125
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Bag £125
ASOS Dungarees in relaxed fit £38

I would style these denim dungarees below with an white embellished T-shirt or cream silk blouse and heels.

Mango Dungarees £59.99

Miss Selfridge Dungarees £49
What do you think of dungarees? I know they are a complete 'marmite' item but I am a fan.

Here is how I have worn mine, first how I styled them last year with sneakers, vest top and denim jacket..and them how I now think they look better with smarter shoes, a coat and a lace, pretty top.

Last Year styling of the dungarees with the kids!

Coat: M&S
Dungarees: ASOS
Lace Top: H&M
Shoes: M&S 
As above.
As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, have you already got dungarees, how do you style them?

Until next time, Frances x


  1. I also think anyone can wear dungarees, age really doesn't matter! You look amazing in them and I'm really tempted to buy the Zara one's you posted :)


  2. If you are gorgeous and stylish then yes, dungarees can look amazing.
    I don't know if they are for everyone though.

    You are gorgeous and stylish and so you look amazing!

  3. I agree with Fiona on this one, the images and yourself look gorgeous. My youngest daughter has a Khaki pair and I do love them on! x

  4. I'm sorry. I'm just not a dungaree fan at all and firmly believe that they are the preserve of toddlers. Sorry, sorry ... but of course you manage to still look utterly fab!

  5. I don't know, I mean they look amazing on all the pinteresty models but they're all well under thirty, so that puts me off a bit. Although if I see SJP in a pair, I'd definitely consider them! (btw you look great!)

  6. A yay on you but I fear a nay on me!! I love that first pic....I have a lacy top like that so I'm half way there but I just can't see myself in the dungarees!! Mind you, the more I see this look on you the more you will win me over I'm sure! xx

  7. Love them! I was berated for wearing mine last year but I can't live without them!

  8. You look amazing in them. I think I would like terrible, but I may try some on, never say never!
    A x

  9. Michelle took the words right out of my mouth. You look fab, I would just feel daft so will admire from afar.

    I did have a gorgeous pair of pink and white pinstripe ones in 1982 - does that count? xx

  10. I love them - but you are right, it is definitely about how you style them (my favourite is the sheer white blouse with heels). I love how you styled yours with your denim jacket:)

  11. I tried them last summer but sold them on as I didn't feel 'right'. Seeing these pics makes me want them again though!

  12. I would have to say, nay...I'm not a fan of the style for adult women... But if you like something and feel fab wearing it, wear it with pride.

  13. My eye is adjusting to them and they are looking pretty good on all the pics you have shown and on yourself. But I don't think I'm still ready to go there - I'm not fashion forward enough. Maybe next year :)

  14. I wore dungarees last week to the beach, glad to see I'm not alone :)

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