Autumn Inspiration


Style Theory: When in need of some outfit ideas, I take a browse through Pinterest and am soon full of inspiration. Here are some of my favourite looks inspiring me this Autumn and where to buy key items that will update your look in flash!
Key Item: Tartan Scarf
Mango Scarf £24.99
Key Item: Faux Leather Trousers
Zara Faux Leather Knee Patch Trousers £29.99
Reiss Chalk Embellished Roll Neck £125
Key Item: Camel Coat 
H&M Camel Coat in a Wool Blend £59.99
Key Item: Slouch V Neck Sweater 
Similar (slightly out-there) wide legged leather trousers at Zara (I love!!)
Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino V Neck £19.90
Key Item: Red Coat
M&S Boucle Overcoat £111.20 (20% off)
Key Item: Camel Coat as above
Key Item: Cricket Jumper
H&M V Neck £24.99
Key Item: Black Culottes
Marks and Spencer £29.50
Key Item: Split Skirt
Topshop Premium D Ring Skirt £50
Key Item: Orange/Grey Cardigan/Coat
Atterley Road Pinta Cardigan £70
Key Item: Brown Knee High Boots
Steve Madden Carter Boots @ House of Fraser £135
Key item: Cream Woolly Coat
Zara £99.99
Breton: Petit Bateau £58

Sequin Jacket: Oui @John Lewis
Where is your 'go to' place for outfit ideas, magazines, streetstyle or do you enjoy browsing Pinterest?
As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, let me know which outfit inspires you? 


  1. I love your posts - you always find the most perfect images so you are my go to:) well and pinterest...

  2. You can't beat Pinterest for inspiration.....I was always check my boards out when I'm lacking in outfit imagination! Some fabulous images Frances, I love the wide leather trousers the culottes and the fluffy cream coat! xx

  3. Love those brown knee high boots, just gorgeous. I have pinned the first image too - just love that look and the scarf. Lynne x

  4. Hi there!! Thanks for featuring such inspiring style photos, loving the culottes and the cream woolly coat! x

  5. Such a great idea for a post, want lots of these! Do you know where the dress is from in brown knee boots pic?
    N x

  6. I am a compete Pinterest tart and spend far too much time on it. I love getting ideas and have private boards just to note particular outfit ideas that would work with what I already have in my wardrobe. I love your' choices and inspiration here. Fab post. H xx

  7. I am a total Pinterest addict & just popping on there for 5 minutes is lethal.....2 hours later, ahem!! Great picks here x

  8. Lovely ideas, very dangerous to have so many lovely things in one post! Love the scarf in the first pic.
    Abbi x

  9. Great post Frances - must have taken you ages! Loved seeing all those images in one place. Can tick a few boxes though not yet the culottes - I need you to show me how to wear them! I do have the checked scarf however #playingsafe xxx

  10. Some great looks to inspire here, love the girl in the split skirt, its her sweater I want! And loving the wide legged trouser with a simple v-neck too. If you get all this you will need to build a new wardrobe to house it all! Helen xx

  11. That first image is my idea of style outfit heaven

  12. Pinterest is amazing for inspiration, love everything you've picked here. I need to get shopping now!!

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