Focus on Flares...

Style Theory: There is no getting away from it, the fashionistas are leading the way and have confirmed that flares are the Jean shape of 2015. 

images via Pinterest
I am talking flares in the true 70s way, they must be fitted/tight on the thigh and flare out to a bell bottom at the hem. These are the jeans to look out for, no doubt bootcut jeans/trousers will follow suit in the next year or so but for now stick to the flares to look truly on trend...

A few flared jeans rules:
Wear tight at the thigh and hips with the flare strictly limited to below the knee.
Size down as I have found they tend to come up bigger than skinnies (on all pairs I tried on, I sized down) and they do look better tight.
Keep your look truly retro by keeping your top as neat and fitted as possible, skinny roll necks, neat fitting silk blouses look great.
For a more tailored and smart look ensure your sweater or top end at the top of your hip, a longer sweater results in a slouchy look (also pretty cool but not as smart)
This is one look to wear with heels as high as you can bear because a) your legs will look so much longer and b) no one wants soggy hems.
Keep the length long, they look best entirely covering the heel of your shoe or boot with just a pointed shoe showing at the front.
For a slimming look buy a darker wash Jean with little or no lighter patches.

Here is my round up of the best on the high street and how they fit...
Marks and Spencer:

M&S Limited Edition Kick Flare Denim Jeans £35
As usual appallingly styled on the M&S website, I would not have given them a second look had I not seen them 'in the flesh' This is how they looked in real life..actually I was pretty impressed..

Dare I say, these were actually my favourite, the denim had a really good stretch, was comfortable and high waisted across my child-busted tummy and was a good colour blue. I also liked the pocket detailing at the front, very 70s. This was the regular length and was a good length for me (5ft2) I would have maybe had to chop off the very bottom but I like raw edges so would literally just lob them off. Well done M&S, I would highly recommend but with all jeans I would, if possible, try on a few sizes and see which one fits you the best, always try a size smaller than think, you may be surprised how flattering they are.

River Island
River Island Brooke Flare Jeans £42
Trying them on...

I liked this Jean especially from the back, the pockets were a good size, placed fairly close together to make your bottom seem a little smaller. A good basic and the wash a good colour but I preferred the M&S comfort-wise. 

Tophop Jamie Flares
Topshop Moto Jamie Flared Jeans £40
Possibly my least favourite on me,

These were the size 28 length 30 and were too short for me (they didn't have length 32) these were the least flattering on my little chunky legs. I should imagine on a tall willowy person they would work. Also, for me they do not have enough flare to flatter my hips and thighs.

Gap 1969 Curvy Boot Jeans
Gap 1969 Curvy Boot Jean £44.95
I tried these on in the darker wash, I prefer the lighter wash above..

These were ok, definitely good for ladies with hips and bottoms as they do curve and hug your figure. The dark wash is flattering but they do not have a huge amount of stretch. Again size down at least one size these do come up on the large side.

These are my flares, I have had them for 7 years, I bought them just after having my daughter and luckily I was encouraged to size down as small as I could possible go so they still fit (although when I wore them just after having J, I could not breath or sit down and felt like I may lose my internal organs!
J Brand 722 Close Cut Love Story Jeans £195.27
These are really expensive but they have lasted and lasted, every year they get dragged out and worn again. The style above are a slightly different cut with a lower waist but the leg shape is the same. I had to take my jeans up by about a foot, they so tend to be very long, great for all you tall ladies!

Coat: Topshop
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: J Brand (as above)
Shoes: Nine West
There is my round up of the flares I found on the high street and how they fit. It is definitely worth jumping on this trend as it really is here to stay, at least for a few years! The M&S jeans are a good way to try out the trend and not break the bank.

How do you feel about flares, are you ready to embrace them or are you holding on to your skinnies for dear life, which brands fit you best?
As always I would love to hear your thought and comments, until next time, Frances xx


  1. I also want the M&S flares, but i'm having a mini tantrum because they're out of stock in my size - I need the long leg length, so it looks as though a trip into town will have to be scheduled in! You look fabulous as usual, if I looked like you in flares, I reckon I'd have a lot less trouble finding the right pair ;-)

    Becky x

    1. Thanks Becky xx hopefully by now you will have tracked down a pair!

  2. The River Islands ones are good are they Frances.....I tried some the other day! I'm going to try out the M&S ones just to satisfy my curiosity. I think though at the moment I am going to stick with some old faithfuls from Zara that I've recently had shortened! I'm sure I will invest in some more once I get my head around styling them! xx

    1. I am sure you will look fab in them Michelle and style them beautifully xx

  3. Picked up the M&S jeans today and was really impressed - great quality. But, am still feeling a bit unsure as they're REALLY long and unsure how much to have taken off. Plus what shoes to wear with - any advice!?? Thanks! Clairex

    1. If you have any comfortable heels or wedge shoes or boots I would get the jeans taken up so that the back of the Jean is almost touching the floor, you really want to keep them long almost covering your shoe for a more flattering look. They will look fab! Xx

    2. agh thanks! I tried them on with some heels and they were better. Really like them, just need to get the confidence to wear them!!! Love your blog and really look forward to reading it - thanks for your help! xx

  4. I'd love to get a pair, tried the warehouse ones so far - great colour but bit tight in my usual size and really really long !! Could really use some shoe advice too - feel like they'd look best with heels but I'm not good at running round in heels everyday, any tips on comfy heels would be great!! (If they exist...?!) Lisax

    1. I think wedge heels are probably best, check out Clarks for some comfy options, or do you have any wedge trainers, I sometimes stick them underneath my flares for a more comfy option but still gives me a little bit of height and lengthens the look of my legs. Hope this helps a little xxx

  5. Those Next jeans look gorgeous, a really lovely colour, I didn't spot them on my search! Would love to know what they are like when you get them x

  6. Hi, I really like the black textured top you wore when you tried on all the jeans. Please may I ask if this is a recent purchase and where it is from?
    Thanks, Rhona x

  7. So so glad I read this blog. I got my M&S pair todau and as a curvy size 14 these are possibly the most flattering jeans I have ever bought. They even make my thighs look good! I would never have tried M&S had it not been for this blog! Thanks Kirsty