The Perfect Shirt Dress

Style Theory: I have just seen this most perfectly, perfect shirt dress and had to share it with you...First spotted it on Sincerely Jules..

My immediate thoughts that it was gorgeous and must be very, very designer..oh the excitement when I found it was from Anthropologie then eek at the price but if I make sure I don't buy anything else until summer holidays (yeah right) then maybe I can add this to my summer holiday clothes??..
 Anthropologie Marina Chambray Dress £128
Style with these accessories for evening....
1. Sunglasses - Next £15
2. Pom Pom Keyring - Poppy London £27
3. Willow Leather Bag - Aurora Living £59.50
4. Espadrille - Mint Velvet £99
5. Earrings - Accessorize £15
For day swap heels for comfy flats....
1. Sunglasses - Topshop £16
2. Leather Satchel Topshop £65
3. Sandals - Palmairas £40
4.Earrings - Accessorize £6
A chic little summer holiday outfit that can work for day or night, or wear over your swimsuit for a super stylish (if a little expensive) cover up..well, a girl can dream..!

Next time the very best beautiful, crisp white tops on the high street..with arm I am getting a little older I feel more comfortable with the upper arms being under wraps.
Thanks so much for reading as always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time, Frances xxx

Thanks to Donna at I Won't Wear Sludge Brown for bringing those fab Mint Velvet espadrilles to my attention xx


  1. You're welcome. Race ya for them. Please buy the dress x

  2. That dress is beyond amazing

  3. That is indeed one perfect dress for the Summer! Very versatile, so many ways to style it! xx

  4. That's beautiful Frances & I can see you in it! x

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