Summer Inspiration.....and my SS16 Recipe for Wardrobe Success..



Style Theory: My SS16 'Recipe for Wardrobe Success'...

Ideal basics this season are a couple of beautiful white tops, can be a mixture of loose, floaty blouses and cotton boho tops. Add a great pair of pale blue slightly distressed jeans, preferably chopped at the ankle (a DIY job is best to get the right length) and a pair of loafers with back or without (Topshop have the best selection) along with a great pair of tan chunky heeled sandals (ie walkable in otherwise if you are like me I opt out if heels are uncomfortable) 

For an added 'Fashion Lift' to your basics think textures..metallics, tulles (see Zara for awesome, affordable tulle pieces) and Mango and Topshop for great metallic pieces (check out the new in section) Then this season just add one piece of gingham - Marks and Spencer have a fab off the shoulder gingham top £25 - it is not a trend that will hang around for long but a cheap and cheerful gingham top or dress will update your look immediately.

Add a floaty floral maxi, wear now with sandals, wear in the winter with a biker jacker and cowboy style boots.

Max out on pink, this is one colour that isn't going anywhere for the next couple of seasons so it worth buying into it. Try on pink tops, skirts, find a shade that suits you, you will be surprised pink is incredibly flattering and a really happy colour to wear.

Finally red, add splashes of red with accessories and make up, a red lip takes a basic, practical outfit up a notch. Be bold, fashion is about having fun, no matter what your age, your shape, it there to experiment with, be adventurous, be brave!!

What are your SS16 must haves? Do you have a clothes recipe, I would love to hear your ideas. Until next time Fran xxxx


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