Shine Bright in Metallics....


all images above via Pinterest
Style Theory: Metallics are big news again for AW16 and this season they are not only limited to the evening, add some shimmer to your day look and indulge in some gold and silver new additions to your wardrobe.
Saint Laurent,Gucci, Valentino, and Burberry to name but a few all featured metallics in their AW16 collections from lamé to beading to sequins, the sparklier the better. 

Of course the high street are hot on the heels of this trend, with metallic shirts, sequin jackets and metallic trousers all hitting the shopfloor now.. The good news is this trend is easy to wear, just one metallic item whether an item of clothing or a cool metallic accesory will brighten up your daytime look in a flash. Keep the rest of your outfit simple, neutralise the shiny look with denim (jeans or a jacket) wear with a plain white tee and let your metallic item do the talking...

Here are my favourite pieces on the high street now.. 
Asos £29.99
Topshop Metallic Tee £24
An easy way to add metallic to your wardrobe now, wear with denim shorts and tan flat sandals, in the winter pair with black skinny jeans and a biker jacket.
River Island £25
This top looks amazing on, it has a pink-ish metallic finish that looks fab with pale blue denim jeans, white trainers on sunkissed skin..
River Island £50
Completely full on but so easily dressed down for daytime. Wear Sequins now dont just keep them for Christmas, they look so eye catching on and Autumn/Winter 16 is all about textures so mix it up with velvets, denim and silks for a cool, on trend look.
Mango Sequin Bomber £69.99
Adore this jacket, believe me this is one of those jackets you will wear a lot. Perfect for summer evenings throwing over a white tee and denim shorts or ankle length jeans. In the winter it will look fab with an all black outfit, it will dress up a look in a second and make a daytime outfit look a little special.
Zara - £49.99
This jacket is incredibly Gucci-esque, the trim is so cool, I would dress down with simple tee, jeans and trainers (pink trainers would be fab picking out the fine pink line in the trim)
Zara £49.99
A striking take on the metallic trend, keep things edgy and cool with this jacket to stop it looking too 80s.
M&S £29.50
A beautiful soft green, this skirt is gorgeous in real life, looks great with pale pinks, navy and black for the winter.
Zara £39.99
Gold, pleated, midi..perfect..
Metallic Leather Skirt £59.99
Love love this skirt, it will look beautiful in the summer with bare legs and tan sandals, add a white or pale pink top. In the winter wear with a black polo neck, opaque tights and boots.
Asos £55
This dress would look perfect with trainers (Adidas gazelles) and a denim/leather jacket over the top.
Topshop £49
Seriously these trousers look great on, they work well with a denim shirt and stan smiths, a cool way to wear metallic now.
Anna Pugh Gerry Gold Bag £160
I am obsessed with Anna Pugh bags, they are handmade in butter soft leather, are beautifully finished and feel super special (I have one on order) An elegant way to rock the metallic trend (love the silver too)

Office £55
Without a doubt the best Gucci dupes I have seen, in fact they are only missing the GG! They look fab on and are sooo much cheaper that the originals (although I have worn mine loads and feel I have and will get my money's worth!)

There are loads metallic items hitting the high street every week so I will be re-visiting this trend more than once over AW16 (it is one of my faves along with velvet and pink!) I will do a separate blog on metallic accessories next but had to show you the bag and shoes now as they are gorgeous! 

I am taking a break from the blog for two of weeks whilst I am on holiday but you can follow me on Instagram and Instagram stories for daily outfit posts and a little sneaky peak into my holiday!

Have a great couple of weeks, thanks for reading, Love Fran xxx


  1. Hi - i love the Gucci shoes but cannot justify - the Office ones look great - how would you wear in the winter? thanks, Claire

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lovely metallic pieces Fran. Glad I bought the gold sequin bargain ttfn dress too after seeing you in it...oh and of course got the Gucci office dupes! On the subject of velvet & pink - bought this beauty from Zara (ref 1165/223).... Despite its shortness it doesn't show any mid rif flesh when worn with my aline leather midi & mini skirts....sits over the waist band (phew). The frills, colour & material are amazing... With gold shoes... Devine! Xx happy hols

  4. Oh, really gorgeous metallic here! I love that Mango sequin jacket, really lovely and I agree, very versatile too.

  5. I have this khaki m&s skirt, it's fantastic. Ooh and the office shoes!!! And a fantastic wee next sale brucey bonus of gold Mary Janes for £8!!!!!!!! What's not to love?!

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