Every Style Challenge..The Bright side...

Style Theory: If you read my last blog you will know that as part of my Everywear Style Challenge with M&S I was asked to style up four key items - A white shirt, a pair of skinny jeans (the details of these are in the blog post below) and I was also asked to style up a pair of mules and a spring jacket. I do love a fashion task and adored rummaging through the M&S Spring/Summer rails earlier this year to find a selection of clothes that would work well with the everyday pieces. I wanted to style the mules and jacket with pieces that will work well in my existing wardrobe, that can be mixed and matched and worn time and time again with different looks..here's what I came up with...

Mules are having a resurgence, they were big in the 90s and are now back on the high street. They are comfortable and super easy to wear, they definitely took some getting used to for me as I tend to wear more delicate sandals in the summer but their practicality won me over, I can actually walk in them for a lonng time. I think we will see them more and more, pretty much every shoe brand has them, they will definitely be the sandal seen on all the fashionistas this summer..

I chose a bright pink, high necked blouse (which I have actually worn about 5 times in the last couple of weeks) The vivid colour is so flattering against my skin and it has a camisole in it attached with poppers so it takes the hassle about having to buy a matching cami. Unfortunately the blouse is not online as yet (I am pretty sure it hasn't sold out - so I will let you know when I find out when it will be available)
Blouse - M&S (not yet online or in stores)
Jeans - similar M&S £25
Shoes - M&S £19.50
Bag - M&S £25
The jeans are super comfy, already cut at the ankle so really easy to wear with trainers but also look pretty good with heels.

My next and final item for the Everywear Challenge was a Spring jacket, I teamed this with some sporty trousers (not yet available but hopefully soon) some super comfy nude court shoes and a fab boho style white blouse that I will wear again and again. 

Jacket - M&S £79
Trousers - M&S (not yet available)
Blouse - M&S £29.50
Shoes - M&S £39.50
Each of these pieces can be styles up with other items that are already in my wardrobe, the trousers are a fab take on the Gucci popper trousers and will look great with a navy tee in the summer. They are comfortable (they have an elastic waist) and are perfect for a going out look, slouchy, not too fussy but cool. 

So as you can see and as I always say, M&S have some real gems, the designers are 'on it' with catwalk trends, have great basics and cashmere and their underwear and shoes are outstanding. However, I do think it just a really hard shop the shop unless you have some idea of a look you want to create up your sleeve or plenty of time to search through each department mixing and matching items.

So here is a few of my ideas, coming from someone who has shopped in there for years (and worked in retail for years and years!) I just thought I would share as I know retail is hard and it is so tricky for a brand like M&S who are expected to be everything to everyone, nevertheless here are a few suggestions for them..!
The shopfloor could really do with being separate boutiques for clearer age ranges. I know there is always cross over (and don't want to be ageist) but at least there will be an area you can head to to start with then add in things from the other boutiques.
Things need to be merchandised in clear outfits - from experience I know that designers do design in outfits (or should do) For example, a pair of trousers plus a few tops plus a jacket and accessory such as a bag. With large photos of lots of outfits, like we do as bloggers, people need to see the outfit put together, images are everything and can make or break a collection. I know that M&S do this to a point but it needs to be streamlined and made clearer. 
The online items need to be styled in a cool, aspirational way, the editorial looks the PR team put together are fab, the online looks should be the same. So when you click on a blouse you like the image and styling is so good you want the whole outfit... 

I could go on, I know all of this is expensive and retail in general is not on a high at the moment, and also I know M&S are fighting a tricky battle but I think there is so so much amazing potential there and so much talent. 

What do think, are you an M&S fan, what do you think they have got spot on and not so much? Also how would you style up your the Everyday classics? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time, Fran xx

The Everywear Campaign was in collaboration with M&S, all words and styling are my own