Aladdin - A Glittery, fun night out


Style Theory: Sometimes you need to take a break from reality and immerse yourself in a wonderful, glittering world of fantasy and that is exactly what Aladdin the Musical does. It is the perfect antidote to a hectic life, two and half hours of fun, full of familiar songs, amazing costumes and sets, the perfect evening out, you can literally just sit back and enjoy the spectacle..

Life is pretty manic at this time of the year so it was a real treat for Russ and I to be invited by Disney to see Aladdin the Musical, we fancied doing something different than dinner and drinks so going to see Aladdin the Musical together made the evening more memorable. The show is brilliant, a glittering array of dancing princesses, market square capers and stunning sets, it is fast moving, fun, pantomime-like in parts and the real highlight is the genie who is brilliant, his voice is fab, his songs my favourites (a friend like me etc), he dominates the stage in a really good way.

The sets are outstanding, intricately designed, full of lights and sparkle particularly the cave scene, along with the magical flying carpet that really does fly. We had a backstage tour afterwards with the Stage Manager (a massive highlight, I have never been backstage of a West End production before) and to see the sets up close was amazing. We saw the magic carpet and how it flies (we have to keep that a trade secret!) the lights, the props, the level of detail backstage was incredible. The costumes are beautiful, heavily jewelled and embroidered, they shimmer and shine on stage however seeing them up close really showed the immense amount of work that has been put into the design and construction of each garment..the colours rich pinks, silver and turquoises are bright and bold, a feast for the eyes.

It is the kind of show we left feeling really uplifted, it is fast, fun, never a dull moment, the kind of date night we should do more often. It is just as important for us grown ups to escape reality every so often and was brilliant to share the experience with Russ. Grab your girlfriends or your partner, treat yourself to glass of the bubbly stuff and then sit back and enjoy Aladdin the Musical the most fabulous, colourful, fun show. 
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This blog post was written in collaboration with Disney, all thoughts and opinions are my own.