All the Exercise Gear....

FandF Active Top - £10
FandF Active Gilet - £22
Style Theory: ..and no idea. This used to be my nightmare, turn up at an exercise class with all the gear but no idea, I had visions of really embarrassing myself by looking like I should know what I am doing but failing miserably at anything fitness related. Well, I have had a little turn around of late especially as I have slowly but surely started to move a little more and realised that wearing a great pair of leggings and a top specifically designed for exercise actually helps and no one laughs!

The fact is that even before I start exercise and as a little bit of motivation having the gear makes me feel ready, great leggings help me move, a good vest top keeps everything held in and a throw over top makes me feel comfortable and the right temperature. Annnd these things do not cost a fortune, especially F&F activewear - it feels and looks pretty amazing on and doesn't break the bank..
With Katie - MummyDaddyMe (how much are we enjoying running..ha!)
Me - FandF Active Top - £18
FandF Active Gilet - £22
FandF Active Tropical Leggings (two pack) £14
FandF Trainers £12

Katie - FandF Active Range 
It has taken me 42 years to find an exercise I like, to free up the time and for my kids to be at an age when it is manageable for me to take that time out. I know everyone says you should make time for exercise but sometimes it is just hard, for me I needed everything to align and then I was able to do regular exercise and actually keep it up. I have been doing pilates three times a week for 6 months (upped it from twice a week) I love it, I have the most amazing teacher, it makes me feel energised and positive and has pulled my knackered, out of shape body in again. I do it two evenings a week when Russ gets back from work and every Saturday morning at 8am - which is a struggle as I do like a little lie in at the weekends, but it works for everyone and sets me up in a positive mood on a Saturday morning. I have tried running, outdoor exercise groups, circuits, youtube, pretty much everything but have done them in fits and starts and never kept them up, this is the first thing that I have kept up and I am determined to keep going. I guess the thing is that it isn't as easy as just to 'get out there', life gets in the way.. kids, work, running around after everyone, trying to keep on top of everything..its tricky and only you know when you can fit things in. I spent my whole time when the kids were young thinking I should be doing this or that but actually I couldn't and now they are older I do have that time so it just works..
FandF Active Hoody - £10
FandF Active Leggings - £12 

After 42 years of pretty inactiveness sport-wise I don't have a great backlog of exercise to pull out when needed so I love the fact FandF activewear is so affordable, it looks great on and stretches but doesn't, win. I was lucky enough to try it all on a shoot with Davina McCall and some other lovely influencers and models. It was a fab day we did a work out with Davina's Trainer, climbed rocks, ran through woods and the FandF activewear was amazing. I love the camo range and the trainers were so comfy! The reflective wear is great for early evening runs, it is all tastefully designed with low key colours and is flattering..and will not break the bank....

Here are a few of my fave pieces..
FandF Active Sports Bra and Vest top £14
FandF Active 2 Pack of Palm and Plain Print Leggings £20

FandF Active Camo Racer Back top £14
Love the fact that this is reflective too, perfect for summer evening runs..
FandF Active Camo Waterproof Walking Jacket £35
FandF Active Mesh T-Shirt £10
FandF Light Reflecting Camo Quick Dry Leggings £18
FandF Active Hoody £10
FandF Active Reflective Leggings £16
Such amazing buys, you can look the part even if you really don't feel it! But the gear might just be the final push to make you get out and start has helped me!

When did you find your exercise mojo? Have you found anything you can stick too? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xx
FandF Active Campaign

This blogpost was written in collaboration with FandF Activewear all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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