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Zimmerman AW18
Rochas AW18/19
Celine AW18
Loewe AW18
Style Theory: ....Brown... Yes folks, it is the Autumn/Winter where brown is stepping forward as the star of the show. It is being dressed up in all types of more attractive sounding names such as taupe, caramel, rust, toffee?! but, basically, brown is back and you will see it all over the high street this season.

So from someone who wore the most revolting brown school uniform (St Philomena's School for Girls!) I find brown a little hard to get on board with it. Having said that, I think it is the colours you pair with it that can take from ghastly school uniform to something quite sophisticated, I am thinking browns paired with blues, with hints of pink or red and of course animal print, is the ideal way to bring a touch of brown into your here's the best on the highstreet..
Topshop £49
This is bound to be another sell out Topshop dress, perfect now with tan flat sandals in the winter pair with black or tan knee high 70s style boots.
Topshop £34
A less full-on take on the trend, this top perfect for the summer with denim shorts and into autumn with jeans and sandals, easy to wear and style.
Topshop £49
Also big news this season..snakeprint, add a splash to your wardrobe to tick off two trends at once.
Topshop £49
The best colour combination, brown and a turquoise blue, I am still a huge fan of a pj style top, they are super comfy and look chic. I would wear with skinny, ankle length jeans and blue shoes.
&Other Stories £89
Old skool, teacher chic..wear with a black vest top, jeans and tan sandals now, wear with a black polo, jeans and high heel boots in the winter.
&Other Stories £59
Love a combo of brown and red, the perfect mix.
Zara £29.99
I bought this skirt, it is gorgeous rich colour, great material and has pockets...but..I bought a medium and it is too small so have to size up two sizes to a large. Seriously, Zara sizing is all over the place!! It is really annoying as I hate no.1) taking things back no.2) having to size up two sizes.. Anyway I will reorder in large.
H&M £34.99
Love this dress and it would work in the winter with knee high tan boots and a biker jacket.
H&M £34.99
I am a fan of an off the shoulder jumper, it reminds me of the slinky looks of the 80s..pair with skinny jeans and knee high tan boots for a 80s/90s look.
Zara £39.99
Love this whole look, especially the slouchy jumper, looks fab with the snakeskin skirt..
So there is a quick round up for my first of my Summer to Autumn blog posts. I really believe in buying things that can be worn all seasons, it just makes your clothes work harder for you and means we all end up spending less money on things we are unable to wear. I am definitely up for adding a little brown/toffee/caramel to my wardrobe, it will add a warm Autumnal feel to my last years clothes..

What are your thoughts on you, like me, shudder a little when the colour is mentioned due to memories of a revolting school uniform? As always I love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xx


  1. Wow..I love all of these fashion statements. So fashionable!

  2. Spooky. Just this morning I was thinking that I should let go of my chocolate brown suede handbag and boots, as I just don’t wear them anymore. So, perhaps not! RachelinOz

  3. Yes, Zara sizing is hopeless. I've returned mediums in the past for large so this time I ordered large in that snakeskin skirt and leopard dress and a check BROWN shirt. All too big!

  4. The future fashion statements. I love the style!

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