Coat - M&S £149
Poloneck - M&S Cashmere £89
Jeans - M&S  £35
Shoes - M&S £29.50
Bag - M&S (in store in sale)

Style Theory: Three things M&S excel in...Cashmere, coats and shoes....season after season they come up with great designs that are affordable, cool and chic.. 

I love a camel coat it is a timeless classic, always elegant and never ever goes out of fashion. The camel coat I am wearing above is a wool, cashmere mix. I sized down for a neat fit, it is beautifully cut with perfect sized lapels (i am not a fan of big lapels) and a split up the back..its those kind of details that make it look expensive and feel amazing on..
Coat - M&S £149
The jeans are M&S 'sculpt and lift jeans' they are incredibly comfy, again I sized down to a size 8 (I am normally a good size 10 in jeans). They have quite a high waist and not sure whether they actually lifted my bottom but they looked good on. I turned them up at the bottom to make them ankle length, I am such a fan of ankle length jeans, the length just seems to be flattering whether worn with heels, flats or trainers..
Jeans - M&S £35
M&S cashmere is always a good idea and this polo neck is no exception, it is super soft and the most beautiful shade of soft grey that is super flattering against the skin. I sized up to a 12 for a slouchier fit.
Poloneck - M&S Cashmere £89

Shoes - M&S £29.50
These good, so comfortable and easy to walk in all for £29.50...

The little, pink, velvet bag I picked up in store, it is so cute, it has a cool vintage vibe. It was in the sale and has sold out I think but may be worth checking in your local M&S..

The coat will look great with a jumper, blue ankle jeans and trainers. I will wear the jumper non stop with everything, it is great over floral midi dresses (making your summer dresses work hard all through the year) and the shoes will look fab with a black cashmere jumper and distressed boyfriend jeans or with Christmas dresses and black opaque tights...

I am slowly coming around to the idea that sadly this summer is over and it is time to dress for Autumn, not quite given in but am getting there!!

As always thanks for reading, until next time Fran xx

*This blogpost was written in collaboration with M&S, all styling, words and photography are my own.


  1. Love the coat. That color is very easy to style.
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  2. Very nice shot. In this dress you are looking beautiful. I also want to buy in this winter season..

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