Packing for summer holiday....


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St Lucia
Style Theory: What to pack for a trip to St Lucia? It's our (Russ and I) 15th wedding anniversary on 28th May and we are going to St Lucia for 5 nights, it is unbelievably exciting, it's the first time we have been away together for longer than one night without the kids since they were born so we feel super lucky.

We are being hosted by St Lucia Tourism Authority (we have paid part but I will mark it all as an #ad) as it is a press trip for me and we are paying for Russ. We will be staying at the East Winds Hotel for a couple of days on the beach, it looks so beautiful and experiencing some fun activities such a ziplining through the rainforest..

East Winds Hotel - image via East Winds Instagram
Then we are heading to Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort for a couple of days which will be our beautiful base while we visit the Sulphur Springs and Hotel Chocolat.

New Properties Debut at St. Lucia's Sugar Beach
Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort
So its going to be an action packed few days, fabulous few days, so...what to pack?

First swimwear, as it really is pretty vital...

I love a black swimsuit and a black bikini, for this holiday I am packing:

Vitamin A | Edie Swimsuit | Beach Cafe UK
Beach Cafe Vitamin A Edie £170
This fab Vitamin A swimsuit, it's pricey but fab on, I love the back of it, a bikini look but in a one piece.

Santorini Swimsuit - Black/Shiny Titanium
Boden £60
Adore this swimsuit, it is possibly the most flattering colours and shape, the black panels down the side give a slimming effect (like take inches off!) I find Boden one of the best places to buy swimwear, it is always cut beautifully, does not ride up and covers all the bits that need to be covered!

Mix & Match Bikini Bottoms - Black
Boden Bikini Top £25 and bottoms £25
A black bikini is my 'safe option' I love them with a sarong or pair of denim shorts and stick a white tee over the top..I bought this one from Boden.
Formentera Bikini Top - Luxury Jade, Exotic Garden
Boden £25 top and £25 bottoms
Love the colour of this bikini, again the same shape and super flattering...

Now to Tees...

My new favourite brand of tees in Michael Stars, great fabric, cut and so cool in the heat.. (I need to find a UK supplier)

Also loving this M&S tee...
Pure Cotton Slogan Straight Fit T-Shirt
M&S £12.50

This Zara top is a great 'fancier' option for a vest top, it looks fab on, I bought a size small and will be wearing with my denim shorts and tan sandals.
Image 8 of FRILLED T-SHIRT from Zara
Zara £15.99

I live in denim shorts on holiday, I always pack two pairs..
Gap £39.95
Love the light wash of these shorts and the distressing...

A pretty white top is a must to wear with denim shorts and tan sandals if you are popping out for lunch, early dinner...

I have bought this one..
Innika Choo £168
This top can be worn both ways around, it looks gorgeous on but is expensive...

Zara £29.99
This is a great less expensive alternative to wear with denim shorts..
Image result for matches batsheva
Bathsheva £270
I always take one showstopper dress...this year I have gone for it with a Bathsheva dress, they are like little girls party dresses and I just love this one on. It looks super cute, I will wear it with my flat tan strappy sandals..

Also packing this dress as there is nothing like a little sparkle on holiday...

I live in these sandals they look as good with dresses as with shorts.. £78
They take a tiny bit of wearing in (not much) but when you do they are really comfy and last for years and years.

Finally I am always tempted to bring pairs and pairs of heels with me that I never wear, so this year I am just taking on pair of Castaner Espadrilles, they give me height with comfort and look chic..

I think the key with packing is to work out what you will be doing (beach/sightseeing etc), and place all your clothes out on the bed, then edit, I go through and if I wouldn't wear the piece of clothing for a hot evening out at home I probably won't wear it on holiday. I just edit down and down until I know exactly what I will be wearing when, easy peasy..(err kind of!)

I will keep you updated on what I wear I don't wear and also what St Lucia was like, super excited..

Until next time Fran xx


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