The New Slouchy Trouser


 Style Fact: Trousers are becoming slouchier, more relaxed. Picture WW1 land girls, Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacal, a masculine look with a feminine edge, fabrics are fluid but tailored. They are seeping into fashion consciousness and will stage a takeover by AW14...

A shock for all the skinny trouser and jeans devotees, me being one of them. However, seeing the silhouettes more and more on the catwalks I am coming round to the idea (again). Think 90s, slouchy on the hips with a straight leg, wear with trainers if you are part of the cool crowd or for a more sophisticated and flattering look team with a pair of heels (heeled ankle boots for now,  pointed heeled shoes in summer) 

Trousers in 2014 should be worn long, many designers had their trousers pooling the floor but in practical terms floor skimming length is perfect. Here is the catwalk inspiration and those cool fashionistas already rocking the look:
The Designers:
Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14
BCBG Max Azia SS2014
Stella McCartney SS14
Maison Martin Margiela SS14
Lisa Perry Pre-fall Collection AW14
Roksanda Ilincic Pre-Fall AW14

The Streetstylers:
These are slightly bootcut, look so fabulous with the cut away top.
This look is solely for the brave and those without little ones..stunning but maybe not the most practical?!
Cool, laid back, classy a black shirt and trousers looks amazing every time.
The wide leg looks perfection with the tailored coat.

Worn as a suit, this trend is just perfect for sleek, elegant workwear.
Adore this look with white trainers, so cool...
These trousers are easy to wear and super chic, in order to create sleaker silhouette wear a pair of trousers that slightly more tailored, have a high waist and have a narrower (not hugely voluminous) leg and wear with heels.

I would wear these trousers with a little cashmere or fine knit jumper, a statement necklace and heels and then throw a huge warm jacket over the top and stick on your sunglasses voila...a rocking cool look! The look in the future will be with slouchy silky blouses, oversize jumpers etc but for now I think keeping the top slightly more close fitting is the most flattering way.

Now for the best on the high street:
Stella MacCartney at Net a Porter £330
In my dreams I would have these trousers....they are so beautiful, the perfect 'slouch', width, tailoring, I could go on...! If you are looking for an investment pair both Matches Uk and Net A Porter have a few beautiful pairs in the sale..
Mango Palazzo Pants £39.99
Mango trousers (as above)
These Mango trousers are fab, please ignore the photo above I would NOT recommend wearing with open toed sandals wear them with a gorgeous pair of black pointed boots it would look so much more stylish!

New Look Black Crepe Wide Leg Trouser £19.99
I have not seen this 'in the flesh' but they look a good shape and not too wide, also pretty reasonable, I will check them out when I am next out shopping.

ASOS Trousers in Wide Leg with Side Buckles £22
I really like the high waist of this style it will make legs look so long and the waist very neat. 
ASOS Wide Legged Trouser £38
These would have to be worn skimming the floor with heels, they are cotton so would need some height.

So there is my round up of the slouchy trouser, there will be many more paler colours released as we near summer but as there is possible snow around the corner for us all in the UK and US, I thought I would stick with black for now. Are you going to join me by dipping your toe in the water of the slouchy trouser or are you sticking to your skinnies? x

My Style:

For running around after the kids, playdates, shopping, clubs and the general day to day things. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, my 3 year old photographer was having an off day!
Blazer: Gap
Scarf: Uniqlo
Top: Zara
Jeans: Gap
Trainers: John Lewis
And for dinner out with the Husband, trying out the slouchy trouser look, very comfy.
Trench Coat: Topshop
Jumpsuit: Anthropologie
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Zara

I would love to hear your thoughts on the return of the slouchy trouser, is it your kind of thing? Will you be trying it out in Spring Summer?

Next time my new favourite Spring coat and how to style it....

Thanks so much for reading xxxx


  1. Really love reading your posts and you look gorgeous in that jumpsuit! I'm a big fan of those slouchy trousers, can't wait to find a great pair and pair them with some cool trainers!

    Greetings from London,

    1. I am sure you will look fab in slouchy trousers and trainers, will look forward to checking out to blog for styling inspiration x

  2. the red ones are potentially coming to Paris with me...


    1. Yep, defo they will look lush, was thinking about my jumpsuit for Sat night there but not sure? Are you dressing up? xx

    2. Hell yeahs. It's my birthday AND Paris... you have to dress up.

      Considering all outfit options tonight... watch out for the selfies for approval heading to you tonight. Cx

  3. I love the all black look. I have a black shirt, I have the trousers and now with your inspiration here I shall put it all together!!


    1. Oooo me too love all black sometimes it is just right! Look forward to seeing your black shirt and trousers look on Avenue 57 xxx

  4. I am definitely going to be wearing the slouchy trouser look. I think it looks very chic when done right.

    1. Can't wait to see you rocking the slouchy trouser look on your blog xxx

  5. Great look. Stella McCartney not on my high street though, you need a high end designer section.

  6. I'll definitely be in on this look as I love them! I think they're so flattering and much smarter yet more feminine than skinnier trousers and jeans. Gorgeous! Lynne x

    1. I am sure you will look gorgeous in them Lynne and style them beautifully x

  7. I am off to try and recreate some of these slouchy trouser looks....especially with the trainers!! Appreciate the inspiration again Frances!! You look too cool in yours! xx

    1. Thanks so much Michelle, can't wait to see your looks xx

  8. You see you never throw out classics I have a pair of Joseph black trousers..... Slouchy? I will have to see if they fit, I like the look..... Fash n Chips blog has been sporting a pair lately which look gorgeous with a man style coat. X

    1. Absolutely, a pair of Joseph trousers would exactly fit the bill! I hadn't seen Fash n Chips but have checked it out it is fab love it, thanks xx

  9. Love the ASOS ones, think they look better than the Desinger ones! I still associate them as work wear for me (in my previous life), wish I could get out of that mindset!!! Ive always loved that androgynous look but I like to do it with skinnies. You look awesome though x

    1. I completely get that, I used to wear them to work all the time and I really now like the look with trainers just have to get the exact right pair to make it work especially if you are a wee shorty like me ! xxx

  10. Some gorgeous pieces, I just love the boyish cut but the feminine detailing too!

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