Fugly Sandals..are you going to indulge this Summer?

Style Theory: Fugly Sandals - 'Fashionable but ugly' footwear taking over the high street. 
Celine SS13 
Think Birkenstocks, plain or adorned with large jewels and 80s pool shoes now exalted to high fashion status but the likes of Celine, Marni and Prada. The  basis of these sandals is nothing new, I have seen Birkenstocks come round in fashion at least three times but it is the fact these were championed by designers on the Spring Summer catwalks that they now are 'the' sandals of the summer. The high street have every style, colour and jewelled option available, from very pretty to really quite ugly..dare you wear them?

Here is the inspiration behind the trend which began with the fur lined Celine sandals above in SS13, to be followed by a deluge of designers in SS14:

Marni SS14
Prada SS14 
Prada SS14
3.1 Phillip Lim SS14
Stella McCartney SS14
Givenchy SS14

How to style these fugly sandals:
Keep clothes casual,  Fugly sandals are a laid back look. 
Black birkenstocks look great with an all black outfit. 
Wear with a shirt and (fake) tanned legs

Love the look of the Birkenstocks with thin cigarette trousers.
Working Isabel Marant sliders with a camel coat 

Here are the best on the High Street:

The way to glamourise the fugly sandal is to wear a gold, silver or jewelled version. This would be most definitely my sandal of choice, to wear with pale blue distressed skinny jeans with a large turn up and a pale blue oxford shirt and perhaps a black leather rucksack with gold/silver detailing.

Aldo  - Parramore Sandals £50
Aldo - Glawet Sandals £55 

Clarks Studio Punch Lime £49.99
Zara Leather Bio Shoes £69.99
River Island Pink Gem Stone Flatform Sandals £50
Dune @ John Lewis £120.00

River Island  Metal Trim Cross mules £40
Aldo - Codissago Sandals £40 (also in Gold)
Dune Lisa Leather Sandals £110
Wear patterned sandals with all back for a sleek stylish look.
Calvin Klein Geometric Slides £80
Zara Printed Crossover Sandal £59.99
Zara Leather Sandals with Fringes £59.99
The most 'user friendly' of the trend - anything goes with these sandals wear with jeans, denim dresses, cut off shorts etc etc and the good news is they super comfy, heels be gone it is all about the comfy sole...
River Island - White or Black Single Strap Birkenstock £40
River Island Pink Single Strap - £40 John Lewis - Salina Birkenstock £49.95
River Island - White or Black Double Strap Birkenstock £50
MY STYLE: Attending the opening of a new gym - more about that in another post!
Jumper: Cos
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Dune
The rest of the week I was super scruffy...
Left: Jumper Topshop
Jeans: Gap
Slip-ons: H&M
Right: Jumper Zara
Coat: Zara
Jeans: Gap
Trainers: Adidas Superstar originals
So are you going to indulge in the Fugly shoe trend, will you be resurrecting your old Birkos? I have my eye on the jewelled Zara ones and am off to try them on now! 

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments as always,
Till next time, Frances xx


  1. yes yes yes... already got 3 pairs! and want the Marni-esque golf ones from Zara too! Love from your sister with the cutest feet! xxx

  2. Love all the pictures from Pinterest Frances just not sure they're me....but we'll see!! Loving the make over of your blog too it looks fab!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. Thanks so much Jane, I wasn't a big fan last year but they have kinda won me round! x

  3. I have several Birkies now and already loving wearing them - for me it has to be the original - no copy will do. I have lovely memories of all the German kids on French campsites wearing them back on our family holidays lol xx

    1. I am quite sentimental about mine too, they were the best when I was heavily pregnant and I thank them for that!

  4. I have just got some new black Birkenstock. I love the Zara snake print sandals but some of them are just revolting aren't they! You look beautiful in your gym opening outfit - I really like the mix of colours and prints.

    1. Thanks so much, I like the Zara ones too, I did see the gold Aldo ones in store today and they are now taking over my love of the jewelled ones! x

  5. Hell no! I don't mind Birkenstocks but I've been wearing them on and off for years. Some of the embellished high street ones you picked out are nice though- think coral or pink river island? On my phone so it's a pain scrolling back up.

    Anyway I love your header! And your gym opening outfit :)

    1. Thanks x I know it seems as if it was just last year I was wearing mine..fashion is coming round quicker and quicker (not good for my hoarding problem!)

  6. I have always liked Birkenstocks, but never thought about black - quite tempted so thank you! Still loving that pic of you in your pink coat and topshop trousers, such a great outfit.
    Abbi x

    1. Thanks Abbi, the black look pretty cool don't they? Love them with the all black outfits x

  7. Great post and images but I don't think they are me..... Saying that the River Island ones you have picked are the most girly to they would be the ones to tempt me. I like your statement trousers! X

    1. P.s I love your blogs new look!

    2. Thanks, I think the girly ones are a bit easier on the eye xx

  8. I just love Birkenstocks, so comfy & I have a few different styles, really like the Arizonas & the Salina's! Your outfits are fab, as always! x

    1. Thanks, yep, Birko's are fab soooo comfy and cool in the summer x

  9. Love the new blog layout Frances - I think I left a comment over on your Facebook page. And you know I've got my white Birks at the ready when the warmer weather deigns to come our way.

    Love your day to day outfits - can't wait to hear about the gym opening!

  10. I'm not feeling the love for them......yet!

  11. Oh my, I just realized that I already own a pair of fuglies. They look like the Clarks but in black and white and no jewels. I guess I've embraced the trend last summer and didn't know it. But I wouldn't go near Birkenstocks. They're like Crocs to me - I'd only wear them around the house... Maybe

  12. Gorgeous new blog design Frances! It looks great! I love fugly sandals! Never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth but yep I do! Birks are on my wishlist! Ax

  13. Having a big bloggy catch up tonight so this is the first I've seen your lovely new header - looks amazing! On the fugly sandals - I do like them actually and I am planning a purchase for all my New York walking so thanks for the high street round up. You saved me LOTS of time! Ax

  14. I love the new layout and this is a great post. I will be investigating these, myself, in the not too distant future. H xx

  15. I'm already on board with the Birkenstocks.....I know they are not to everyone's taste but I love them....they go with loads of the stuff I already have so happy days :0) xx

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  18. Birks will be out soon for me but that's all - just one pair and even then I feel weird wearing them!

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