Shades of Green

Style Theory: Over the last few weeks I have been drawn to all different shades of green, from khakis to bottle greens. Green looks great worn with my two colours of the season navy and berry, add green into the mix for Autumn/Winter colour perfection..

This Mulberry ad made me realise this was the colour I was missing from my wardrobe. I have now have a berry bag and am now searching for a bottle green sweater to go with it. 

Green looks great with berry, navy, camel and greys, it is such a versatile colour, here are a few options available on the high street now which will make people 'green' with envy..

Me + Em Fine Stitch Box Jumper £88
A super fine sweater, this would look great with skinny jeans and a pair of berry, heeled red ankle boots and bag to match...

These boots would fit the bill.. 

River Island Boots £85
This Mulberry-esque bag from M&S is a cheaper alternative to the bag in the Mulberry above but is really gorgeous leather quality and would look lovely with a green poloneck.
M&S Across Body Bag £69
Some alternative sweaters and blouses..
Whistles Padded Neck Jumper £115
Zara Lace Collar Shirt £19.99
This is a beautiful dark green colour, I would tuck into a pair of skinny flares and wear with pointed heeled, berry boots.
H&M Knitted Jumper £19.99
This would suit my Autumn/Winter uniform perfectly, long jumper, leather leggings and trainers. Sling a berry bag across for a AW14 look.
Mango @John Lewis £19.99
I prefer a baggier poloneck than super tight as they are more flattering on me, I like the tight collar of this but the wider cut of the jumper. Sling this on with a pair of black skinnies and some slouchy beige boots.

H&M Frill Jumper £59.99
I know I have already featured this jumper but it is still an obsession and I am going to try to track this down in store with 20% off discount card (on December's Glamour magazine to be used in store only)
Zara Crepe Dress £39.99
Simple but stunning this crepe dress is an ideal alternative to the LBD, wear with black opaque tights, black pointed flat shoes and a deep berry coat for a stunning Autumn/Winter look.
Traffic People ALine Skirt £61
Wear this gorgeous A-line skirt with a navy poloneck and berry knee high boots.
Topshop Ripped Utility Trousers £36
I have been looking for an alternative to jeans for the schoolrun and I think these could fit the bill. Wear them with trainers for the schoolrun, then for an evening out pair with a navy cashmere sweater and a pair of leopard print heels.
Zara Hooded Checked Wool Cape £89
This check cape would add drama to any outfit.

Zara £29.99 - In store only
I found these in my local Zara this week, they are a fab khaki colour and look so gorgeous on. Unfortunately, these were a size too small..I am still searching!

For the schoolrun, a meeting them a quick run around the shops..
Sweater: H&M
Breton: Petite Bateau
Jeans: Topshop Baxter
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Coccinelle
This weekend involves lots of playdates, birthday parties and hopefully a quick trip to the shops for those cargo trousers that will make my weekend that bit more weekend-wear should be!

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on shades of green, do you have a need for a little emerald in your wardrobe?

Until next time Frances xxx


  1. If you find those shoes chick, can you get me a size 6, I am in love! As for green, don't wear a lot of it but have always loved Khaki x

  2. Ooh I saw those shoes a week or so ago in the Daily Mail & have been checking the Zara website daily - just LOVE them!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. Aren't they from a couple of seasons ago? If that's so, check ebay!

  4. Love forest green & I really fancy one of the H&M long jumpers. Gorgeous outfit you have on there! X

  5. I'm absolutely loving forest green which is in my colour palette and I was gutted that the Mango dress was too short in this colour. Those Zara shoes are seriously nice. Couldn't you have squeeeeeezed into them x

  6. Love those shoes! Sadly I'm a size 8, and have had to face the fact that Zara 8's are always too small. I've just learned my lesson with the white leather trainers which had to go on eBay after a couple of wears :-( I hope you manage to find them in your size, they look fab on you!

    Becky x

  7. I've long since been a fan of green I love it
    M some great picks here. What a shame about those Zara shoes - they look fabulous on you, Frances. Lynne xx

  8. I adore green & it's a great colour on me so thanks for the round up! I'm headed straight for the mango site next!! Those zara shoes are fabulous - Buy now blog later I think has been wearing them over the past few weeks so they are AW stock but since then, Emma hill, Chrissabella & others have featured so if I were you, I'd buy the size 5 & eBay them!! Have a great weekend Frances xx

  9. I have always loved green, as you said a very versatile colour. Just love those TS utility trousers.

  10. I've been drawn to khaki in a big way recently, not so fussed on bottle green though. Love your polo over Breton look - I shall be copying that!!