Spotlight on Marks & Spencer

Style Theory: Marks and Spencer's, tricky to navigate, their online photos are not particularly appealing but dig a little deeper and you will find some amazing, on trend, well priced summer pieces within it's vast collection.
I was in the Marble Arch M&S which undoubtably has the best edit and is one of the easiest of the stores to shop. 

Here is my edit of the pieces that caught my eye:

The Denim Dress

This reminds me of a dress I have always loved that Kylie Minogue wore a few years ago, obvs she looks amazing in it but you can have your own Kylie moment in it...

Love the dress teamed with red sandals, or wear with a victoriana blouse (River Island or Topshop have fab blouses) and of this season's flat strappy shoes or sandals.

The Jumpsuit

M&S Autograph V Neck Jumpsuit £65

Comfortable, made with soft lyocel- type fabric. The trousers have slight harem look. I think this would look best with strappy flat sandals for a cool evening holiday look, add a few gold bangles and some fine gold necklaces for a glamorous look.

The Statement Jumpsuit

Apologies, I cannot find this on the website but there were plenty of these jumpsuits in store, and cleverly I did not take a note of the price so all in all not very helpful but I did like it and when it appears online I will let you know, if not check out instore. I love the flared look of this jumpsuit, it is fairly long so shorties like me would have to wear with quite high heels. Great for a wedding or evening holiday outfit. Wear with fine gold jewellery and platform tan sandals for a 70s vibe.

The Suede Look Dress
M&S Limited Dress £49.50 (today £36.90)
Suede is having a moment and I was drawn to this grey/taupe suedette dress. I think it would look better on if I had fake tanned a little..not sure what do you think?!

This was a size 6 so farrr too small check out the bulging biceps (eek) I think in a size up this would work.

The Suede Skirt of the Season. 
M&S Suede Skirt £199
There were plenty of these left in store and all sizes available online today. It is a gorgeous suede and fabulous cut but more suited to the taller willowy lady, both of which I am not so I put this one back happily. However I have seen it styled fabulously on Instagram so if it suit your shape it will last season after season. The fact there are lots still available online and instore..maybe M&S has outpriced itself on this one? lets see if there are any left in the sale, may suddenly be so much more appealing..

The Frayed Ankle Length Jeans 
These are the jean shape of the season, slightly flared, ankle length with frayed edge. I promptly purchased these jeans as they are so easy to dress up or down. A word of warning size down, I had to go down two sizes and they are still a little big!

The Sandals
Shoes are an area that M&S excel in year after after, I love their collection of non -expensive, trend based designs. These sandals have jewels, are comfortable and a reasonable price..perfect. The jewels are super sparkly and the straps hit your ankle at a super flattering point. I can no longer see these online but again have a little look in store as there were plenty in my local M&S.

The Heels 
Brought to my attention by the queen of cool shoes PoppysStyle. I have just ordered these as I need a mid heel lace up shoe to wear with my last years M&S spotty dress for my daughters communion on Saturday. I am hoping these will work, I will let you know via Instagram (@Schoolrunmum)

There is a little round up of what has caught my eye in M&S obviously their underwear collection is still amazing! What is your opinion of M&S are you a fan or do walk in and walk out if it as it can be pretty tricky to shop...oooo I have so many ideas of how to improve it!! Until next time Frances xx


  1. M&S website drives me bonkers but you are right to dig deep! I love those heels.

  2. Like the dress on you but think it is very much for petites! The patterned jumpsuit is very chic and looks very stylish on you. Not so sure about the denim one - I cannot do high waists and this one looks very high waisted. Also unsure about the taupe dress - looks a little drab?The suede skirt of course is fabulous but I've given it a miss as it is too tight across the hips for my pear shape! The shoes look great especially at that price.The jeans too...although as I am on a budget I cam going to attempt to cut off some old bootcuts to get a similar look! Well done on posting, a very useful blog all round!

  3. I hope you bought the denim dress, you look gorgeous in it x

  4. You really suit the denim dress and jumpsuits, they all look gorgeous! X

  5. My local store is not huge & the selection is a bit dire but I go mad in the store near my dad which is huge!
    The website however is just not good, drives me mad - even more so on the iPad!! I really love the gladiator heels though :) x

  6. You look amazing in that denim dress! Holy smokes. Can't get on board with jumpsuits at all however, definitely not for me.

  7. Some superb picks from good old M&S!! They have really upped their game haven't they!! Love the jeans....they look ace on on you! xx

  8. I really like the denim dress and the dungarees. Will need to check these out. Lorraine x

  9. You look more gorgeous than Kylie in that dress!! Beautiful and really suits you! Actually loving all your choices, not too sure about the dress for me but you really pull it off. I wasnt all over the suede skirt until I've started to see it on people, and I do like it now, just to £199 worth of love lol! I also have the freyed jeans and you are so right, I wish I had sized down as they stretch very quickly when worn but I do still love as they're perfect for this inbetweeny weather. And lastly the shoes! I have had my eye on the nude pair of these but was unsure as I do love the same style in office but the office ones look a bit nicer but are also higher and more ££ .. Would love to know what you think of them once they arrive!
    Happy Sunday Francis

  10. Really great picks and you look fab in them. I especially liked those jeans. One thing that annoys me about M&S is the amount of stuff they leave up on there even when it's completely sold out. It taunts me! :) xx

  11. *on the website* I meant to say!

  12. I walked through M&S this week and was positively distracted by all the lovely stuff...the website just doesn't do it justice at all. Great to see you model these items as it can be so hard to visualise on a real woman...especially that dungaree dress which was one of the items that caught my eye! Ax

  13. Both jumpsuits are amazing! I have the girlfriend jeans too now and bloody love them - especially as they are a UK 10 lol - talk about vanity sizing! I can't wait for my Gillie shoes to arrive - I may have ordered both colors! xxx

  14. I love the dress - it's a perfect fit on you. I ordered something similar a couple of years back from Topshop and the fit was so off I could have cried. Maybe it's time to try again - maybe M&S will succeed where Topshop failed for me.

  15. Frances you honestly look amazing in everything! I esp love the denim dress, denim jumpsuit & jeans on you. I spotted a denim skirt in M&S last week which looks like the skirt part of the denim dress, which I'll def be back to try. Just spotted Avri's comment above - I was with her at the time ;)

    Nic x