Mini-Me's with River Island

Style Theory: Sometimes your little ones like to look a little cool, slightly edgy but you still want the clothes to be a good quality, durable and cut well. Step forward River Island mini...utterly cute,  trendy and ideal for disco/party outfits. 

For little ones all the key trends seen in adult fashion are filtered down, diluted a little to make them child friendly and can be mixed and matched with more traditional items in your child's wardrobe. The range is reasonably priced (think H&M kids pricing) but just slightly more cutting edge.

The good news is River Island kids have 20% off today - enter the code KIDSMINI20 

Here is my edit of super cute mini outfits, I still lean towards slightly classic in my selection but I think the outfits below are a happy compromise, cool but not too 'grown up'...

For the boys....

For the Girls....

My 8 year old daughter has just breezed past the computer and announced she loves the whole outfit (I think she may be a little too big) but she said it was 'epic' ..!

Today is the ideal time to buy a few little pieces for the little wardrobes, the 20% off makes such a difference and they will last them the whole winter and spring and these items are good layering items and could be worn in the summer too,  I'm off to do a little kids shopping at RI (my kids have grown out of all of there winter clothes grrrrr!) 

What do you think of this range, did you know RI also had kids clothing range? I found it last summer and my little boy loved the items I bought him.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Frances xx

*this was not a sponsored post I just thought the clothes above were cute and it is sometimes nice to have a fresh approach to kids clothes..


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