Pom Pom Mania

Style Theory: Pom Poms, a micro trend that has been bubbling away on the high street since the summer with pom pom covered basket bags and gladiator sandals (these will be huge next year). In the Autumn, Pom Poms are  being added to shoes, hats and bags, they make every item of clothing look cute and fun..kind of Tinkerbell-ish, this trend will not be one of the most long running but for now I love it and am buying into it with gusto..

Images via Pinterest

SO lets start with Pom pom shoes, highly impractical but oh so cute but be warned not to be warn in the rain, nothing worse that soggy pom poms!...
Next Pom Pom Flats £28
As seen on Alex from The Frugality these are super cute, perfect for the Christmas party season, they would look fab with a ankle length blue jeans and a black, silk blouse for a chic, laid back Christmas look (wear with nude pop socks if too cold) Or with your little black/berry coloured dress and black opaque tights. Perfect for looking stylish but still being able to chase the kids around in.
New Look Pom Pom Shoes £17.99
These little shoes from New Look are almost identical to the Next ones but even cheaper so you can dip into the trend without worrying you have spent too much.
Next Pom Pom Court Shoes £36
A higher heeled Next version, these will be super flattering on your legs especially when worn with opaque tights in the winter and a little black swing dress. Or wear these with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a black/navy blouse and a tuxedo jacket for a chic evening look. The look below is what I am imagining but swap blogger Anouke's shoes for the pom pom ones above..stunning..

River Island @Asos Pink Pom Pom Shoes £70
So so gorgeous, so much fun, I love these shoes, again entirely impractical but just look at them...pink and fluffy what more could a girl ask for?! Wear with a black jumpsuit for a stunning Christmas party look ** these also come in black click here
Asos Truffle Collection Pom Pom Slipper Shoes now £17.50
Getting a little more back on track with practicality these shoes would lighten up a work suit, or wear with skinny black jeans and an oversized cream knitted sweater.
Asos Darrell Pom Pom Plimsolls £22
These and the slippers below are what started my pom pom mania. I have had these in my Asos basket and think I have to press order as they are adorable. Slightly clownish..actually they will be perfect to wear to the myriad of kids parties I have to go to through the year with Little J (although I may be mistaken for the entertainer..?!)
Boden Velvet Slippers £29
I am officially channelling Tinkerbell in these slippers, albeit an oversized, old Tinkerbell. They are so amazingly comfortable, super soft and cosy perfect for the winter..I LOVE THEM...I am getting old, slippers are an now an exciting addition to my wardrobe!! They come in 5 different colours and have Boden 20% off at the moment making them £25.23 go, go go!

Travelling Bazzaar Cashmere Bobble Hats £55

Apologies for the extreme close up of my face..a little scary on my desktop! but I have to tell you about these hats, it was love at first sight for me when I saw these. I adore a bobble hat and bought one from the Travelling Bazaar a couple of years ago and have worn it non stop every winter but now I think it is time to upgrade it with a red fur bobble hat. I love the oversize fur bobble and the red colour is gorgeous, so eye catching, it will cheer me up on the cold winters days. The hat itself is cashmere mix so soft and warm, perfect winter wardrobe addition...

Aurora London £19.50
Is there such thing as the perfect size, colour and fur texture of a pom pom keying? If there is the ladies at Aurora London will find and stock it,  they are sticklers for stocking the best of the best at affordable prices and this pom pom will look fab on my Aurora London Willow Bag (I use it non-stop) the question is which colour to order?!

What are your feelings on my Pom Pom madness, ridiculouso or kinda fun? My daughter just saw my blog and squealed with laughter at the Asos trainers and said that they  'look ab-so-lute-ly ridiculous' she is 8 and have obviously forgotten that she used to spend 95% of the time dressed like Tinkerbell! So this big Tinkerbell is signing off..as always I would adore to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Lots of love and fairydust Frances xxxx


  1. Love a pom pom, reminds me when we used to make them at school. Wraping wool around circular cardboard. The next heels - fabulous and the hat. Both on my wishlist. Tracey xx

    1. I remember doing that I used love making them! Yes the heels and the hat are fab! xx

  2. Love the heeled shoes with pom poms....very Sarah Jessica Parker! The grey bobble hat with red pom pom looks amazing on you! xx

    1. They are so SJP Michelle! Must admit I am a little smitten with the hat! xx

  3. I got some great clip on pom poms for my shoes, check out www.cleob.com! Real or faux ones.

  4. I want the hat Frances! I want the hat! But I would look so bonkers in it - I do not suit these type of hats. But I love them!

    1. You would look super cute in it Sue, it is gorgeous cashmere and the bobble is fluffy and big..Love it too! xx

  5. You have inspired me to buy an H&M burgundy hat with a pompom yesterday! My 10yr old has already tried to appropriate it... not cashmere, sadly, but fun all the same.

    Thanks also for your recent post on make up, I do similar flicky eyeliner but you have reminded me to start wearing lipstick again. Not so bold as yours, but lipstick all the same, thank you.

    Keep the great ideas coming...


  6. I am a huge pom pom fan too- they make everything look so much fun! I love the shoes - especially the Next and New Look ones, these would look great worn as you have said!

    You look fab in the hat!