Style Inspiration to keep you on track...

Style Theory: When the sales start it is tempting to buy random items of clothing just because they are half price. However, if you stay focussed and keep your style in mind for the next year ahead you can tailor your sales shopping accordingly and buy some key classic or on trend items that will 'lift' your existing wardrobe, giving you new, current look for less...

So with this in mind here are my favourite streetstyle looks I will be using as my inspiration when I hit the sales later on today.....

Cropped Flare Jean

The cropped flare is 'a thing' for 2016, expect to see a lot more of this look. I am planning to chop the bottom off my J Brand Love Story jeans for this effect..I will let you know how I get on.


Pink still has a big place in my heart and I will be searching out muted pink tones to add colour to my wardrobe. I adore the satin dress above and have my American Vintage cardigan from Quattro Rish as a starting point.

Still without doubt my most comfortable trainers ever and they make every outfit look cool..go for the 'Neo white' colour when buying them as they are slightly vintage looking.

The Classic but Modern Dress Shape
Pin from ~ The Yellow Dress Blog

I adore Anna Mason designs, she has such an eye for classic but at the same time contemporary looks. Her dresses and tops are so feminine and flattering and are made bespoke for each customer with a huge range of fabrics and colours to choose from for each design. An absolute investment piece (they are definitely not cheap but if you do want to buy a forever dress this is one for you) and if you choose the right fabric you can wear these pieces from the height of summer with strappy sandals and in the depth of winter with tan leather boots and a wool coat. 

Mules are having a moment this year and these Gucci mules are leading the way. They look slightly weird but my love for comfort, practicality (well, kind of practical) makes these a winner for me. Love them worn dressed down with the muted colours above, so stylish, so cool, so 2016..

Another iconic shoe of 2015/16 no doubt the high street will be flooded with 'homages' to this design - normally Zara are quick off the mark and I will be on the lookout as I love this elegant shape and block heel but do not have the money to buy Chanel..the hunt is on. I will be wearing them with all black in the winter and pale ankle length blue jeans and frilled/pleated shirts in the summer.

Gorgeously Back to Basics..

Sometimes it is good to keep things simple, I love beautiful classic items, a soft, oversize grey scarf (love this one from Travelling Bazaar) A beautiful bag, a simple, navy cashmere jumper (&Other Stories have some gorgeous ones) Things like these additions to your wardrobe can elevate your look, making you look sophisticated without it looking fussy. 

For me my perfect wardrobe is all about balance, a few key investment pieces (bag, jumper, one piece jewellery) a few key, beautifully fitting basics (blue and black jeans, oversize scarf, camel/grey coat, cool pair of trainers) and some frivolous cheaper trend buys (colourful tops, a few pairs of crazy shoes, one slightly weird coat/jacket) et voila you have wardrobe's easy!!

I hit the sales yesterday so will report back tomorrow on what I found, it was fairly manic so much busier than before Christmas but there were a few really fab bargains around.

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas and are managing to have a rest, ours has been fab, lots of time with the family, love spending lots of time with my sisters lots of laughter, drinking and food and more food! 

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Frances xxxx


  1. We have a lot of lush pinks running through our designs this SS16 so bang on next season's trend. Whoop!

    Hope shopping wasn't stressful. Can't wait to see your haul from the sales. I'm sure they are going to be great!

    1. Yes your pink bracelets look absolutely beautiful, perfect for SS16 I cant wait to see your new collections.

      The sales were manic and not that much exciting stuff, I always get carried away with next season too much! xx

  2. Just got a fitted stripe shirt and Cardillo both PINK from Joules sale. Very pleased 😀😀

    1. Yay, so on trend Canan, they will look gorge on you xxx

  3. Funnily enough I bought cropped flares in the sale yesterday - £7 from H&M!

  4. What a gorgeous selection! Whoever said that post-Christmas had to be depressing? Tamara x

  5. You sound like you have it sorted Tanya, such a good idea to make a list and I love the sound of your new scarf, Becksondergaard scarves are my fave xx

  6. Great minds! I have taken in my love story flares in to be chopped, but now wondering if I should have gone for a frayed unfinished look?! Xx

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