Spring Jackets


Style Theory: Spring/Summer jackets are a key component to making your wardrobe work for you. In the UK light jackets are a necessity over the course of the spring and summer, I wear them almost every day as even on warm days in the evening you need something over your shoulders to keep off the chill.

There are three main types of summer jacket, The Blazer, The Trench and the Shacket (hilarious and ridiculous name - but basically a shirt/jacket hybrid) All three of these styles I alternate throughout the summer season and they are pretty timeless so can be worn season after season.

Here are my pick of the best and how to style...

The Trench..

Trenches are the perfect jackets to wear with jeans or tailored trousers, they can make a simple jeans, T-shirt and loafer outfit look chic and sophisticated. I would always try to buy a neat fitting one, especially at the shoulders and if you are small opt for a petite option, I normally size down in trenches as in general they are made bigger (not sure why? but every one I have bought or tried on has come up so big!)  Once you get one that fits perfectly it will last you years and years..
Burberry £1295
The dream trench, practically perfect in every way, but obviously a 10 year of coats worth investment. Still, it is worth looking at for inspiration..
Baukjen was £249 now £199
I wore one of these trenches for a shoot recently and completely fell in love with it, it looked great on, I sized down and it fitted beautifully. It is a good weight and cut perfectly.
Warehouse £89
Timeless and classic this Warehouse trench can be worn year after year.
River Island £75
This is not as expensive as the trench above but still looks the part..

The Blazer 

I am a huge fan of the blazer, it is a grown up choice of jacket and still has connotations of being a bit 'sloaney' but still I love them. Such a useful jacket to have in your wardrobe, as with the trench it can make even the sloppiest outfit look smart and presentable. The blazer is at it's best when worn with distressed boyfriend jeans, some cool, block heels and a simple tee or blouse, this is my fail safe 'going out' look and one I feel comfortable in year after year..

Boden £120
A great 'sturdy' blazer, this is a flattering cut and style that will last you year after year - and they have 20% off at the moment.
Boden £120
Not a classic but I love the spots on this blazer, kind of classic with a twist (20% off this one too at the moment)
Mango £139
This is quite pricey but looks stunning, a structured blazer that will give you the illusion of a waist and finish off an outfit perfectly.
Zara £59.99
The blazer of the season, very Isabel Marant, very 2017, not a classic but this is the perfect 'fashion lift' to a summer capsule wardrobe.
Zara £69.99
Without a doubt Zara are good at blazers, love the pearl buttons on this one, makes it looks luxe without a luxe price tag.

The Shacket

This is the one jacket once you buy you will be surprised how you lived without it. I have a camo jacket and literally live in it in the summer. It adds that extra layer of warmth without being too padded, it is just great to throw over light white summer tops and jeans, add a pair of heels to smarten up but I can promise you you will wear this jacket non-stop.
Topshop £46
This is the jacket I will be buying this season, just fab for the schoolrun and for summer evenings out to the pub. It is slightly oversized, looks great with skinny, ankle length jeans and a white boho tops and trainers or heels.
Camouflage Jacket £49
Another easy jacket to wear, it adds a tough edge to a girly dress and sandals.
Me +EM £229
A very chic take on the shacket, this jacket tales the look up and notch.
Hush £69
A slightly thicker khaki jacket this Hush military style shacket looks great on and can be worn season after season.
These are the three main jackets I wear throughout Spring, summer and into autumn, they pretty much cover every event, smart and casual, over dresses, skirts and jeans, with tee and blouses, flats and heels.

What style of jackets are your summer must haves? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time, Fran xx


  1. I bought a shackett on your recommendation last year Fran and really have been amazed at how much I've worn it. This year I managed to get the Hush jacket for a steal on eBay. They are fab. Can't get my head around trenches, maybe I'll try them next year, I'm going to master the blazer this season, there are always so many fab images in Pinterest and Insta that I must be able to copy nd feel comfortable in?!

  2. I'm so glad trench coats are coming back into style... they're my all time fave.

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