The Perfect Summer Sandal


Images via Pinterest, Pandora Sykes, Lucy Williams, Jeanne Damas

Style Theory: Flat, tan, leather strappy sandals are my summer must have, they look chic, go with everything and can be worn year after year. I always write in my summer blog posts, 'this dress would look great with tan, strappy sandals, or these trousers or skirt..basically they go with all looks, can seamlessly take you from day to evening and give every outfit a boho twist...

So here are my favourites available now..
Ancient Greek Sandals £140
The original and still my favourite, these will last you year after year, are incredibly flattering on legs and look effortlessly cool. Lucy Williams is wearing them in the streetstyle photo above with jeans. They are a real investment (not cheap at all) I wish I would have invested in them a few years ago it would have saved me quite a few pair of not so timeless sandals in between.
Ancient Greek Sandals £125
Slightly strappier sandals, made of buttery soft leather, because they are neutral shade you do not notice them on the foot and they do not cut off your ankle at a weird, unflattering angle..
Office £36
Jumping down in price dramatically are these Office sandals which look fan on, (not leather) but look good, again no high strap to cut off your leg and make it look shorter.
Office £42
My sister has these and they look great on, she has had people stop her loads asking her where they are from! They are super comfy and I love the stud detail.
Asos £16
I bought some similar sandals to these a couple of years ago from Asos, they are leather upper and great for the price, again, wear them with everything. £65
I saw these on Michelle MyFashionable40s and they look fab on her, they are made of italian leather and look incredibly soft..beautiful sandals..
Topshop £22
Again some real leather sandals for a not super expensive price.

Ok so I am tempted by the Ancient Greek ones I have been looking at them for so long but then the Office sandals are pretty gorgeous..actually all of them I would happily own (that is why I include them on my blog!)

Have you found the ultimate, tan strappy sandals? are you a fan of these in the summer as always I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, until next time Fran xx


  1. Thank you for the lovely mention Frances! I can totally vouch for how comfy the sandals are....they really are a great alternative to the more spendy Ancient Greek ones! They've hardly been off my feet since I got them! xx

  2. These look amazing, I've always wanted a Greek style pair

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  4. They've hardly been off my feet since I got them! xx

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