Timeless Moments with Links of London


Style Theory: Those special pieces of jewellery given to you by loved ones can hold such warm memories, they seem to contain the love and happiness inside them, the sentimental value of them; priceless. Taking time out once in a while to have a coffee, a minute of peace amongst the craziness of life is one of my favourite things to do, it gives me a little time to reflect. A glance at a ring my children chose for me for Mother's day, a bracelet given to me by my husband for Christmas or a friendship bracelet as a birthday present from those people who have been with me through thick and thin brings happy and special memories flooding back.

The Timeless Collection by Links of London is all these things, inspired by the iconic face of Big Ben, the pieces are elegant and chic, stylish but subtle. The Timeless 18k Rose Gold Vermeil Domed Ring was the piece that I fell in love with. It is a statement ring with a twist, intricate and beautifully designed and noticeable without being showy, a really beautiful piece to keep forever..

I felt like it was a piece of jewellery that was meant to be sitting on my hand, that I had always had, a classic but at the same time modern.. The Timeless 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Small Necklace is another piece that looks stunning on, it sits beautifully and it eyecatching but like all the other pieces in the Timeless Collection not shouty or showy..the kind of jewellery I love..

Timeless 18k Rose Gold Vermeil Domed Ring
Sweetheart 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Bracelet
18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Taupe and Copper Cord Friendship Bracelet
Signature 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil and Sapphire Ring

I layered up a few other Links of London collections, the Sweetheart 18kt Gold Vermeil Bracelet, a beautiful, refined update of the Links of London signature Sweetie Bracelet. A beautiful 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil, Taupe and Copper Cord Friendship Bracelet  - such a beautiful modern take on a 'keep forever' bracelet. And as I am a fan of rings I added the Serpentine 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil and Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Ring  and the Signature 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil and Sapphire Ring

That moment of calm and quiet always goes by too quickly but I know, now the kids are back at school, I can steal another 30 mins later in the week for time out..just maybe not too many of those sublime Peggy Porschen cupcakes...they are just heaven!! Until next time Fran xx

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Links of London, all styling, thoughts and opinions are my own


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