Style Theory: Waterproof coats, probably one of items I wear the most in the colder months but one of the pieces of clothing I have never invested in. I bought a cheap, quite ugly navy blue, oversized waterproof coat from an outdoor shop 6 years ago, it has always looked horrible on and when it is raining I drag it out of my understairs cupboard and feel quite as miserable as the rainy day outside. 

I thought it was about time I invested in a decent one so I started researching, it turns out there are quite a few out there to choose from, from technical fabrics to plastic and parka style to a traditional mac, so here are the best I have found, all different price ranges and a big thank you to you all on Instagram for your helped me find some fabulous brands that I had not heard of but am so happy to have found!...
Protected Species £199
This completely waterproof parka is the dream ticket, it is light, cut beautifully, actually looks amazing on and keeps you 100% dry. It has got pretty much all round five star reviews on the website and is probably the best coat I have tried on in ages as I know it works. The hood is stored in the collar but when it is pulled out it is substantial and stays up on your head without straining your neck to keep it up and leaves you free to push a pram, carry a scooter or millions of shopping bag! It ticks all the boxes and looks super chic. A big investment but one that will pay back cost per wear if you are a dogwalker, on the schoolrun but also perfect for commuting to work.
Barbour £249
A heavy duty waterproof coat, again a big investment but one that will last you year after year.
Ilse Jacobsen £200
Ilse Jacobsen devotees would not wear anything else, the coats are comfortable, 100% waterproof and always cut well. I love the mustard zip down the front of this coat and the pleat detail at the back. Again, a big investment but this will never date.
Rains €81
The 'cool girl's' brand of choice, Rains (a Danish brand) is unisex (so size down massively) but the perfect raincoat to take you from the schoolrun to a festival! 
Asos £55
I do love a long mac that keeps my legs dry too, this looks cool too.. It is a 'waxed rain jacket' so probably not completely waterproof but will provide some rain resistance.
Monki @Asos £65
This is quite a thin jacket so layers underneath are required for colder days but for those muggy, rainy days this is perfect.
Asos £60
Perfect for adding a little colour to the schoolrun, this is water resistant and a great maxi length to keep all your clothes dry.
Topshop £49
Useful hooded rain mac, looks good and not too 'mumsy'!
Topshop £49
Classic yellow hooded mac, looks great with jeans and white trainers,
Zara £49.99
The perfect bright raincoat.
Zara £49.99
A great price, lovely design, perfect for the schoolrun.
Joules £84.95
Pretty traditional raincoat but as I am so into red at the moment I had to include this mac. It is waterproof and I love the breton lining, super cute.
Uniqlo £69.90
Love this Uniqlo coat, super sleek and simple...

There is my round up of the rain coats that have caught my eye over the last week or so. I guess there are two options depending on how full on you want to go with rain protection, I walk to school everyday with my two children through every weather as it is actually quicker for us to walk than drive so I need a completely waterproof coat and I would, now, pay a little more to ensure I stay as dry as possible. If you are dashing out the car to drop off or run to the train station a less expensive option is perfect as you just want to be able to run, carrying bags from one place to another without getting soaked and when it is windy an umbrella is useless. Needless to say it is one of those coats you need to have in your wardrobe, a wardrobe essential!!

Which style/brand of raincoat do you prefer? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xxx


  1. I bagged myself an Ilse Jacobsen rain coat in the sale this summer, they're slightly cheaper here, so with 50% off it cost about £80! I've been wanting one for a while, so I was well chuffed.
    Mine is navy with a pale blue fleece lining. As yet I've only worn it once, and even though it kept me wonderfully dry, I have to admit it was rather warm for this time of year! I'm sure I'll be wearing it all through autumn and winter.

    1. Oh that sounds gorgeous and what a good buy, that will last for years and years! xxx

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