The Great Dress Debate


Style Theory: As you may know, It's my 40th party this weekend and I am really not sure what wear?!! As usual I have left everything until the last minute, I really should have been on the ball when all the sales started in December but with Christmas and the fact I really was not too keen to be 40, I was somewhat distracted!! 

So here is what I have ordered so far, starting from my least favourite to what I think is the one I will feel most comfortable in. Apologies for the pale, generally uncared for and out of shape body, sock marks etc..these shots were taken manically before running up to get the kids. I am getting a spray tan today so hopefully should cover over everything and make me look slightly less pasty!
Needle and Thread @Asos Embellished Mesh Dress now £105
I love the net skirt on this and the sparkle but not so much the shape of the top (especially on my untoned arms), feel like this would look great if I was 25!
Needle & Thread @Asos Willow Embellished Midi Dress now £140

Really love the colours on this dress and the net and lace sleeves..this almost works but not quite..
Needle & Thread @Asos Giselle Ballet Midi Dress £95

Love this, it is really floaty and comfortable would be perfect for a summer birthday party..this one is a keeper to put in my summer stash of clothes!
DKNY @Net A Porter now £205

I had big hopes for this dress, it looks lovely from the back but not so flattering from the front! I think the grey would look good on olive skin...kind of love it but not quite right for me..
Needle & Thread @Asos Willow Maxi Dress £250

If I was going to ball, this would be perfect (although at 5ft2 I would have to get it taken up a foot!) I do love a maxi dress, perfect for winter party and covers up all sorts of Christmas indulgence. However as I am having my party in a bar this is a little too much..
Whistles Wrapover Lace Jumpsuit was £250 now £80
This is the one I am going to go for, as you may know I tried this on before Christmas and it just happens to fit me quite well. It is definitely made for us shorties and I had to size down a size. It is comfortable and dressy enough for my party. Covers my arms and legs..tick, tick and has pockets...another tick...I will have a spray tan this eve and all will be good! I will add some sparkle with jewellery and I am ready to party!

Although I really wanted something bright and statement I have gone for the opposite..but now I am a bit older I really think comfort rules (arghhh how old do I sound?)

So what do you think? What did you wear or what do you imagine you would wear for your 40th did you go for something statement or play it safe like me?

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, next time on Schoolrunstyle I will be starting to look at the SS15 trends and the best buys on the high street that see you through this cold winter into the Spring and Summer..

Thank you for reading, Frances xxxx


  1. Great choice! Stylish, warm and classy!!! I love black with statement nails, shoes and a clutch ������
    Enjoy your night....��xx

  2. Love it. I had mine last year in a similar venue and wore black whistles trousers with leather trim and an off white sleeve whistles vest/ tunic top.kept it simple and it worked well.comfy but looked stylish:) have a great time x

  3. Yep, I agree. The dress you chose will work really well in summer and the jumpsuit is perfect for now. Have a lovely birthday weekend!

  4. You look stunning in all of them. But really love the whistles one! Have a great time xx

  5. I love 2, 3 and 6(the jumpsuit). I am def buying number 2 for myself, it's goregous. Fyi you do not have untoned arms! Number 3 will be gorgeous in the summer too. Enjoy the party, the jumpsuit is very flattering on your figure, great proportions!

  6. I love the maxi dress, but I adore the Whistles jump suit - great choice, looks fabulous on you. I wore a pale blue gown with a bare back, just divine darling, it wasn't really it was a hospital gown as I was busy giving birth to my second child on my 4Oth. Have a wonderful party France's. Xxx

  7. Simply Perfect! Have a fabulous night x

  8. Ahhh Fran, you've made the best choice. You look fab. X

  9. Great choices Frances, I love the jumpsuit & the maxi dress. Have a fabulous party! X

  10. Yay - you had to get that Whistles jumpsuit - it is stunning on you and the bonus is you will be comfortable too. I wonder if when you hit 40, a switch goes on for "comfort".

  11. This jumpsuit is a perfection on you! Also love the strapless pleated dress and the one from DKNY that I understand you are also keeping.
    Congratulations on your special birthday and have a fabulous time!

  12. The jumpsuits the winner for me too. Gorgeous! I actually love the first dress on you too. Have a great party! Lynne xx

  13. My vote is for the Whistles jumpsuit too! Stunning! xx

  14. You have defo made the best choice. Jumpsuit is gorgeous on you. Dressed up but still stylish and you look like you!

  15. Wow - you look amazing in all of the options but the jumpsuit just oozes style & fits you so well. Have an amazing night!! Xx

  16. You made the perfect choice Frances! You look stunning! I hope you have a wonderful time & enjoy your party! x

  17. A bit late to the party with this but what size did you order in the jumpsuit? It would be perfect for a wedding I have next month and have found it online but only in a 10. I am usually a 10 but as you said you sized down am wondering if they come up particularly big? Thanks