The Luxe Look for Less...

Style Theory: Every girl dreams of owning that Chanel bag, a Burberry trench, but unfortunately, for most of us, buying investments purchases like that is not a reality. However, all is not lost, you can still get the look for a fraction of the price on the high street..

Here are my some of my classic, high street purchases that have that designer look but without the price tag..

Trench: Topshop
Scarf: Zara
Bag: Jaeger
Scarf: Zara
Leather skirt (just seen): Zara
Boots: Aldo
Here are the best luxe looks and oh so classic items on the High Street now...

The Burberry Mac £1195

High Street Equivalent
Massimo Dutti Long Raincoat £125
OR Cheaper option..
Gap Trench £59.95
The Chanel Bag
The Chanel Bag £3075
DKNY Black Quilted bag @Harvey Nichols £190
OR more reasonable...
Asos Black quilted bag £20
The Louis Vuitton Stephen Spouse scarf..
Louis Vuitton Scarf £510
An affordable but still absolutely luxurious option..
Hush Cashmere Leopard Shawl £150
A cheaper option....
Asos Oversized Scarf  £18

The Classic Louboutins
Christian Louboutin £425
For a more reasonable but equally chic look..
LK Bennett Kid Leather Point Toe Shoe £195
This is a fabulous alternative, a little lower heel therefore easier to walk in and a great price for a leather shoe...

M&S Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto £45
The Chanel Ballet Pump
Chanel Ballet Pump from £385
The gorgeous alternatives..
Russell and Bromley Ballet Pump £155
I have had these pumps for a few years and they are the shoes that just keep giving! They a classic style that does not date, look fab in the summer with dresses (this year with a denim dress) and tanned legs. I would highly recommend..

Or for a less expensive option..
Office Ballet Pumps £56
There are so many pros and cons for both the cheaper options and investment buys. There is no doubt that the investment buys are made with superior quality materials and are cut to fit beautifully therefore they really do last the test of time. They do tend to increase in price each year (the Chanel bag being an example of this) however it is the name you are paying for, the quality is good but in no way equivalent to the price tag. In my mind the middle options are always a good way to go when you really do not have cash to splurge. The fabric is normally of a good standard and it made to last. 

Having said that I still have my goal set on a Chanel handbag, I have my name down on every dress agency there is for a second hand one (new is completely out if my price range) I did get the most stunning diamond ring from my Husband for my birthday that I just adore and lots of other gorgeous turns out turning 40 is not so bad after all. Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes xxxx

Next time translating the Spring/Summer 2015 trends....

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, I know that quite a few of you are already the proud owners of these gorgeous investment buys but now as Mums etc, where do you get your key classic buys? Until next time, Frances xxxxx

Thank you to one of my lovely Instagram followers for suggesting this post..good idea xx


  1. I hadn't realise the Chanel bag had hit the £3k mark - good lord. Last year I attended a chairing event. They were auctioning off a second hand Chanel. Tickets were £10 each, limited to 200 tickets. I bought 2 so had a 1 in 100 chance of winning. The nearest I'll ever come to owning one. I didn't win. A 19 year old did. She so won't appreciate it (jealous not). Your ring is beautiful by the way xx

  2. As much as I'd love an original of all of the above there really are some great alternatives on the High Street! ASOS nail it every time! Love the M&S shoes too as I could manage to walk in them! x

  3. Your scarf looks fab with that outfit Frances! I think for me outlet shopping is the best place to head when you are looking for an investment piece:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Great Post! I definitely have champagne taste on a lemonade budget so it's great to see mid & lower budget pieces. Happy birthday btw :) x

  5. Some fabulous options here Frances. Good old ASOS always comes up trumps for me for stealing high end luxury items on a budget.

  6. Great post! I do appreciate the designer buys and I guess if money was no object I'd love to own each one, but the high street versions are sooooo good - and still great quality. Your outfit looks fab!


  7. Thanks for this post! Some really good options...going to ASOS right now!

  8. So pleased you did this post Frances, some fabulous ideas as always! Hope you had a great birthday, you sure don't look 40. Lisax