The Summer Holiday Packing Post

Style Theory: Possibly one of my worst jobs...packing. I tend to put it off until the last minute as I never know what to take on summer holidays and always, always overpack (for me and the kids..the Husband takes near to nothing!) I am always worried that I will not include that one top or one pair of shoes that I 'need', that would be perfect and just make my summer wardrobe 'work'. Well, times have had to change (mainly due to Easyjet's..we fly cheap...teeny case weight allowance) and the fact we take 2 cases between the four of us (plus two trunki's..possibly the worst idea we have ever had) so now I have to pack smarter, less clothes, less shoes and leave all those things that I just 'might' wear.

So here it is, my entire holiday outfits for two weeks...

This is my most important item/s of clothing to get right as we spend most of the holiday by the pool or on the beach running after the kids, dipping in and out of the sea or pool (looking more Godzilla than Halle Berry) so comfort, support and most of all swimwear that is as flattering as possible is a must. I will be taking one swimsuit and two (maybe three bikinis) this year. These are from CocoBay and after trying on hundreds of bikini and swimsuits these are stunning pieces and were actually flattering (a miracle!!):
Swimsuit c/o - CocoBay Seafolly Mod Swimsuit £66.50

Bikini c/o - CocoBay Aquaclara top £95 Pant £68 *
Lace Cover Up Top - Spain
Shorts - See below
Sandals - Mango (still avail in some stores)
Bracelets - Black and Sigi Hemmingway Bangle £29
T-Shirt Top - Mango £9.99
Vest Tops - H&M
Bikini c/o - Coco Bay Bandwave Bikini Top £56 Bottoms £39 *
Sandals: As above
Sunglasses - Asos 
*20% off all full priced CocoBay swimwear with the code SCHOOLRUN20 this will be valid until the end of August

I would love to say I have a magic formula to packing, but unfortunately I don't. For daytime I like my shorts and tops to work with the swimwear underneath, some slight coordination there ..with daytime dresses this is not so important as the swimwear is covered. After years and years of having a patterned beach bag I now always keep it quite plain, an oversize straw basket bag fits the bill perfectly and is also used as my airport bag...
Tops from top:
Black - Mango (last year)
White - Mango (last year)
Pattern  - Mango (last year)
Cold Shoulder top: Vila (last year)
Vest top - Next

Shorts: Gap darker wash here £17.99
Levis 501 - Urban Outfitters £36
Short denim shorts - River Island similar here
Beige linen shorts - Topshop similar here
Black Strappy Sandals - Mango £19 (in store)
Sandals - Palmairas £42
Stripe Top - Asos £14
Top: Zara £22.99
Skorts: Zara (old season)
Shorts: As above
Shoes: H&M (sold out)
Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarers £125
Bangle : Black and Sigi  £33
Ring: Black and Sigi £19

These are easy to fling over a bikini in a flash, useful when a child announces they are desperate for the toilet on the beach and can't wait. They also take you from the beach straight to a restaurant for dinner without looking too underdressed.
Dress Left - Topshop (past season)
Dress Right - Topshop (avail in store)
Left sandals - Next £24
For me, this year it is all about the dress (plus I have just slipped in one black jumpsuit..just incase!) Dresses mean minimal fuss, I always buy them fairly loose fitting so they are comfortable, not too hot and can be dressed up with heels or if I am walking far they look fab with flats.
Lace Dress - Zara £29.99 (currently in store)
Bag: Aurora London Willow Bag £59.50
Bracelet - Gold Meridian Bangle £35
Shoes - As above
Dress: &Other Stories now £27
Rest: As above

Dress: &Other Stories last year
Sandals: H&M last year

Dress - Zara £25.99
Accessories - As above
I love this dress, it is a real stand out piece in my case, the fabric is a little thick and I have been warned by my sister it is incredibly hot in Spain at the moment but I am going to take it anyway as I love it!

So there is my packing list in photos...hopefully it all works together, so far the cases look ok still beach towels and toiletries to go in (eek) follow me on Instagram @Schoolrunmum to see my daily outfit updates and other holiday snaps...

I am hoping to pick up a bright large clutch or bag in Spain to brighten up my black dresses, but if not I am happy to go all black, I quite like it when I have a light tan (in the last two days!) 

How do you pack, do you have tried and tested methods, I would love love to hear them, would love any tips...

I will not be blogging over the next couple of weeks so I'll catch up with you in a few weeks, in the meantime come join me on Insta (@Schoolrunmum)

Happy holidays, Frances xxxx 


  1. I have done a quick re-jig of my suitcase after seeing this post Frances....thanks for the holiday inspo! Wishing you a lovely holiday! xx

  2. Wow - I was just thinking that's quite a lot given Easy jet's allowance. But I think it's always good to learn from previous holidays and to think about what you actually wear as to what you think you will wear. And no heels! There is nothing worse than trying to put over hot swollen feet into heels! Luckily those Mango sandals are just right to take an outfit from day to night.

  3. I am the same, I always take too much. Even when I try to pack less, I still come back not having worn most of it. I think the trick is to take the things that you know are comfortable, suit you and make you feel good - that way you know you will wear them. Have a great holiday. Lorraine x

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  5. Hi, I'm loving this blog, thank you! About to go on hols and have got some much inspiration from this post. Look forward to the next one. Kellie

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