My AW15 Wish List

Style Theory: I love writing a wish list, it helps me work out what is realistic, what I should be saving for and puts a few frivolous items out there to gawp at. This season, accessories seem to be taking centre stage, with a dream coat and a couple of pieces of knitwear thrown in to add to my ever-growing list. This is a dream list and normally with these list I find similar on the high street, so here are the originals and I will work on the high street versions and follow up with an affordable the meantime I am going to indulge in a little dream retail therapy.....

The AW15 Wishlist so far...

Gucci Soho Disco Bag in Black £650
A classic, cool, practical bag. Now I can go out without a mountain of baby items (nappies, food, changes of clothes etc) this is the perfect cross body bag I would chose to replace all my old ones...

MaxMara Studio Ninetta Coat @Matches £448
A forever coat in a classic style. I bought a MaxMara coat when I was 22 at my first PR job..I took it back and bought three cheaper coats..err why?? Such an iconic coat..nothing ever quite matches up to it.

Bella Freud @Net a Porter £270
I have said it before but I LOVE Bella Freud cool, would look fab with black skinny jeans and high, spiked heel black boots. 

Hush Leather Leggings £340
These would work hard in my wardrobe with oversize sweaters and chunky boots for the schoolrun or high heeled court shoes and blouses for an evening out.

D&G @Net-a-Porter £2300
This dress looked amazing on the catwalk, perfectly tailored, full to the brim of style and elegance..a stand out piece.

Tom Ford @John Lewis £206
So elegant and chic with a 50s vibe, these sunglasses would make the plainest outfit look cool. Tom Ford is the king of sunglass cool and I love the shape of these, they are so flattering on a round or square face.

Jerome Dreyfuss Alain Leopard Bag @Vestaire Collective £686.19
I am slightly obsessed with Jerome Dreyfuss bags and all things French at the moment. These are chic, understated, the pony skin is the perfect colour and looks amazing with an all black outfit and tux jacket.

Miu Miu Shoes @Net-a-porter £515
Pink, glittery with a block heel....what is not to love about this amazing pair of shoes, wear all year round, in the winter for Christmas sparkle, in the summer with cute black summer dresses...absolutely is how the shoes were styled on the catwalk

Nike Flyknit Trainers £130
A little bit of a marmite item but I love these trainers..the colours are gorgeous, the comfort factor is second to none and they look just as good with your little black dress as they would with boyfriend jeans and a sweater.

TOM FORD PORTOFINO @JohnLewis £130.50 (10% off price match)
Holiday in a bottle, smells like warm summer evenings abroad, a truly indulgent fragrance.
Portofino Italy via Pinterest
Summer already seems like a long time ago, I miss the holidays, the long light evenings but I do also love the idea of Autumn evenings in front of the fire with a glass of red wine or hot chocolate and I do prefer Autumn and Winter to summer, they are far more exciting!

So there is my AW lust list, a little splash of indulgence as the nights get longer and you feel in need of a little (or big) treat. The majority of these items will never reach my wardrobe but I do have my eye on the Gucci bag and trainers..I best get saving!!

What are your designer loves, do you 'do' designer or do you prefer the high street? As always I would love to hear your thought and comments, until next time (with the more affordable versions of the items to search them out!) Frances xxx


  1. I love this scent & keep putting it on my Christmas & birthday lists - still don't have it though!! X

    1. Ooooo hopefully one day someone will take the hint, it is the most gorgeous perfume..still on my wish list too! xx

  2. I would still very much like a Bella Freud jumper but can I save up for toffee? Nah! One day in my dreams!

    I don't have a wish list. What's wrong with me?

    1. I cannot believe you do not have a wish list Sue..nothing? Mine grows longer by the day (remains in my head as I cannot save either!!) xx

  3. Oooh I'd love one of each my dreams! It is good to have these kind of aspirations though, I'd love to be an investment dresser but I fear I'll never get there! I'm always tempted by too many good homages on the High St! J'adore the Jerome Dreyfuss bag and like everyone else I hanker after a Bella Freud sweater too!

    1. Me too Michelle, if I just held back and stopped buying the little things I could maybe get two big things per season..but maybe that takes the fun out of shopping?! xxxx

  4. I love the Gucci bag - in red - but it's not going to happen. Hoping Russell and Bromley do a version as they did with the Celine bags. But the glitter Miu Miu shoes....I can happily say no to those!

    1. You are so right Carol, the R&B version of the Celine was fab, fingers crossed for the Gucci! The glitter shoes are marmite so I can see how you are not a fan, witchy shoes always win for me!! xxxx