School Run Style - The Basics to get you through Autumn

Style Theory: For the Schoolrun I need practical, normally warm, rainproof clothes that are presentable. At this point in my children's school life, added to the fact we walk to school every morning, practicality rules over everything. So here is my run down of my most worn items, the additional pieces I will be buying for AW a dream item thrown in along with a few streetstyle images to show you how to style..

I have long been a fan of a khaki/Camo jacket as a quick throw over when it is not raining. It keeps you warm but not baking you and looks a little edgy.
The best on the high street:
Topshop Tencel Jacket £45
This is a super lightweight jacket that can be thrown over a T-shirt or fine knit sweater in the Autumn, and layer underneath your parka in the winter. It also look pretty good over a dressed up evening look, black top, boyfriend jeans and heels..add an edge.
New Look Camo Jacket £32.99
I live in my camo jacket I bought a few years ago, it has been one of my most worn jackets. I wear it with everything from flared to skinny jeans (black, blue or white) I wear it over dresses when I am going out for the evening (I have an aversion to being too dressed up) You can clash it up with patterned tops, stripes/spots work really well. Just one of those hardworking, useful items to have in your wardrobe.


The parka....I know this coat had been around for years but to be honest it is just so practical, warm, long and normally at least showerproof if not waterproof with a huge hood - essential when pushing a buggy/pulling a child on a scooter up to school, whilst carrying schoolbags/lunchboxes and homemade cardboard fish tanks?!

The best on the high street..
Hush Parka £170
I have featured this before, I love it.. a note of caution this is not waterproof (cotton outer) but how gorgeous anyway...
Zara Fleece Lined Parka £89.99
A good long length, like the waist details to give some shape and a generous amount of fur on the hood. Also some in black which is gorgeous..
Zara Parka £79.99
I bought one like this a couple of years ago from Zara and still wear it every winter. This is a short length so good for petite ladies as the length will not drown you.

The (Dream) Sweater
Net a Porter Bella Freud 1970 Sweater £280
Net a Porter Bella Freud Ginsberg Sweater £270
So these Bella Freud sweaters are the dream and one day I will have one! They are supersoft,  utterly cool (although they have been around for a while), look fab with denim shorts on cooler days in the summer and in the winter wear like Kate Moss with skinny black/leather jeans and boots..just gorgeous.
Boden Crew Neck Cashmere £139
Still on the pricey side but wearing a little bit of cashmere makes your outfit feel and look so much more luxurious and this is machine washable. I always buy sweaters at least a size bigger to add an extra slouchy look. 
Uniqlo Cashmere £69.90
This is 100% cashmere sweater and amazing value. Uniqlo cashmere always wears well, it says to dry clean only (eek) but I am sure I have cold washed mine (do not quote me on that!)

Topshop zip back sweater £38
This sweater has a zip detail running down the back and a real slouchy look. It looks more expensive than £38, wear layered over a longline vest top with boyfriend jeans and trainers.

The Top

The Breton top, again an absolute classic, wear it with a camo jacket, denim shorts and trainers on warmer days, on colder days use it as a layering piece under a sweater..this style never looks tired
Petite Bateau Breton £58
I invested in a Petite Bateau breton a couple of years ago and I am so glad I did. The fabric is thick so doesn't cling to my tummy, the shape is quite boxy and sits well over the waistband of my jeans and it washes really well with no colour bleeding.
Boden Envelope Neck Breton £39
I really like an envelope neck, it really sits nice at the front, doesn't slouch off your shoulders and is flattering. I also have a Boden breton and again this has washed really well.

H&M £12.99
Amazing price and great for an additional 'schoolrun' top, this would look fab under black dungarees with trainers and a camo for an understated, cool look.

The Jeans

Jeans are a the moment I prefer my boyfriend jeans this mainly due to the fact that I have gorged this summer and am finding my skinny jeans a little.bit.tight... however I hope to bring back the skinnies in the Autumn along with my waistline and new love of exercise (well I can try?!) 

First the Boyfriends

The best on the high street..

Levis 501ct @ Very £95
I have these jeans and love them, they come up fairly big so size down. The distressing just gets better over time and I wear mine dressed up with heels if I am going out. So comfortable, such a useful pair of jeans. 
River Island £42
River Island is always a good 'go to' shop for jeans, the pale colour of these jeans is perfect for this season and the ankle length so flattering and cool.

Black Skinny Jeans
Topshop Baxter Jeans £40
Topshop Baxters are still my favourite affordable skinny jeans, for Autumn team these with a pair of trainers (love these with lo black converse) and an oversize cozy sweater (the cashmere sweaters above or an oversize forest green sweater - Topshop has a fab one)


Topshop Dungarees £48
Once you try dungarees you will realise how incredibly comfortable they are, I bought mine from H&M last year (they have since sold out) and I have worn them loads, yes I do still get a few smart comments from the Husband but for the comfort factor I happily ignore..

The Trainers

All Streetstyle photos above via Pinterest
Golden Goose @Matches £250
These trainers are so expensive but to me perfect in every way, love the worn look (crazy eh?) and the leopard detail at the back. I have been admiring these for years, again one for my wishlist.

Adidas Stan Smith Original (Neo White) £67
A classic style, incredibly comfortable. Make sure you order the Neo white (off white - kind of yellowing colour) they look a little more worn less glowing than the white ones.

Nike Thea @Office £84.99
These look fab with black skinny jeans or dungarees (see image above) or white jeans in the Spring. They are the ultimate in comfort and will make the walking part of the schoolrun a breeze..
Converse @John Lewis £45
These are for non rainy days, they will look fab with dresses in the Summer, in the Autumn pair with ankle length skinny jeans and an oversize sweater. Admittedly they are to cold to wear in the feet freeze in them but you can bing them out again in the Spring..

My Schoolrunstyle

As you can see I do practice what I preach, for me the schoolrun is all about denim, trainers, stripes and camo, a pretty simple, basic combination but simple is what I need at 7am!

Nothing very groundbreaking in my style formula..everything is for ease and comfort but I hope you have found this rather mega edition useful. Next time my two minute make-up in the morning that takes me from looking super rough to kind of acceptable (from a distance!) 

What is your schoolrun formula, do you wear your gym stuff (I would if I actually got my butt into gear and did some exercise) or do you go straight to work? I would love to hear your thoughts. I know Schoolrunstyle can sometimes be a strange subject because really, I genuinely do not care what people wear, we are all just trying to get our kids to school. Personally I like to get dressed (ie not do the schoolrun in my pjs) because I work from home and if I do not get myself sorted first thing in the morning I would never do it and I would never get out of pyjamas..ever..!
Would love to know your thoughts and comments and Mums from my school, I know I fail miserably loads of mornings to look presentable but lets just keep that between us!! ;-) 

Until next time, Frances xx


  1. Great post Frances - lots of really useful links too...I'd not spotted that envelope neck breton in Boden - it's gorgeous! Me? I'm in gym gear this am....I didn't go at all during August so the gym phoned me up to see if I was ok & to offer me a free PT session!! Eek xx

    1. Thanks Avril xx I think I need a good dose of exercise too! The Boden top is fab, love the envelope neck! xx

  2. Great post! Love the camo jacket and have ordered the New Look one. I got the 8 originally but have ordered the 10 for a more slouchy look and to be able to get a jumper underneath! Have you seen the Uniqlo parka? Looks very tempting...
    I tend to go to my workout after the nursery run, but I would never drop off in my gym wear. I always get dressed, go home and change and then go to do my class. A bit time consuming (actually, it's not really, it's just whipping off skinny jeans quickly!) but I just don't like going out in public in workout gear!

    1. Oh and this Uniqlo camo sweat top looks great too!

    2. Ooo that camo top is gorge think I will have to buy it, thanks for sending the link xxxx

  3. Lol! You literally could have laid my clothes out for me today Frances.....this is exactly what I'm wearing today! Unbelievably I was all organised for Gracie to start back at school only to realise as we were dashing out the door at 8.30 that I'd got the days mixed up and she doesn't actually go back until tomorrow! Gah! At least I get to spend one more lovely day with her though! xx

    1. Ha, so funny you were a day earlier but how good did that make that last day. I saw your outfit on Insta Michelle, me and you are on the same page!! ;-) xx

  4. This is my staple wardrobe, love it all! X

  5. Great post - just need the camo jacket and I'm all set..

    1. Yay so you have it all almost, I think the New Look camo jacket looks good xx

  6. Great selection Fran, Love your 501's on you tempted to try them for evening with heels and your wish is mine too, a Bella Freud jumper. x

    1. Thanks so much AnneMarie, aren't the Bella Freud jumpers so delicious I so need one in my life!! xx

  7. Gosh this is exactly my kinda style! And the Bella Freud jumper is on my wish list too among other things. My son starts back at Pre school next week and I'm very much a jeans and trainer girl. Even though it's just a drop off, I like to make an effort too but obviously I do have those off days. Great post and I'm glad I came across your blog through Instagram.
    Tee x

  8. Oh so perfect and I would wear everything on here very happily (though I've still not given in to the dungarees). I saw the Topshop jacket as I was dashing past the other day and have earmarked it for a try on when the boys are ensconced back at school. Brilliant post Frances!

  9. Frances, as ever your style on the school run is perfect! Mine are all finally back next week and I will be hoping to get some running time back. I am happy enough to chuck on my gym kit for the school run if I am running afterwards , but otherwise I agree it has to be comfy, practical and still a bit stylish! Not sure I alwasy get it right, but trying is half the fun?! Meg xx

    1. Agree Meg, sometimes I so do not get it right (too tired to bother some mornings!) xx

  10. whoops - forgot the link!!

  11. Well I'm wearing dungarees and a camo parka today, so that's at least two items ticked off the list! Now I just need to get saving for that Bella Freud jumper... :-D

    1. Yay love a camo jacket dunger combo bet you are rocking it Becky xx

  12. Loving all these looks, very similar to my style except the dungarees. I don't have young kids any more but have two energetic dogs to take out every day and these looks are perfect. The parker is definitely on my wish list this autumn.

    1. Thanks Georgina, the parka would be a fab cosy winter coat..on my shopping list too! xxx

  13. Hi Aileen, I will doing a loungewear post and I think it will tie in nicely with your flight outfit - I always go for comfy layered loungewear on a long flight!
    Thanks Meg for your suggestions xx

  14. I'm exactly like you in that I don't like being overly dressed up, even on dressy occasions - maybe that's why I'm always drawn to your style! I've actually been hoping someone could do a post like this as I've been struggling to find the right school run basics - thanks for some great tips Frances!

    Nic x


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