Cherry Picking


Blouse - Marc by Marc Jacobs @Very Exclusive UK now £172
Jeans - Zara £17.99 (sale)
Shoes - Zara (sold out)
Bag - Spain - love this one
Bandana (in hair) - Topshop
Style Theory: Victoriana and cherries...yes please! Love this Marc by Marc Jacobs top from Very Exclusive uk, it is beautifully made with intricate lace and amazing puff sleeves, fits like a dream and will be worn non-stop by me this summer, Autumn and winter. Red is becoming my new pink....

A few extra items I have my eye on that I am hoping will complete my summer wardrobe...
Isabel Marant Etoile @Matches now £117
I have this in the dress version in black and it looks fab on, frilly and frivolous. I think this white tops would be fail safe, look amazing with jeans or denim shorts or the denim skirt below. A real beautiful item to own.
Urban Outfitters Vintage Re-Made Levis mini skirt £40
So it seems as with all things 90s it is time to ditch the denim shorts and get back with the old Levis mini skirt (I used to live in mine back in the day!)I think I will buy this mainly for holiday wear as a denim skirt is so useful to wear to go the beach and as where we go is fairly casual in the evening, it would look great with a pretty white top and flip flops. 
Mango Jumpsuit £17.99
I have ordered this after seeing on the very cool A Mother's Edit, not sure how it will look on me but I love the idea of this, I will let you know!
Mango Sandals now £17.99
Think I may 'need' these Chloe dupes - they look fab on and are very this season, the only problem is I am not sure if I will be mad on them next year?! They look incredibly chic and cool, if they are still in Mango next time I am in town they will be mine!

Obviously there is swimwear to add for my holiday, I will let you know my favourite pieces next week. Hopefully there will be some sun but for now jeans and cherry tops are where it is at for me. What have you bought for summer so far this year, any good sale buys? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xxx


  1. Love that cherry pattern, something about it reminds me of sundresses as a child. Very summery!

    The necktie looks great too, I have dug out an old silk scarf as a necktie this summer. It's nice to ring the changes, thanks for the inspiration.