Cooler in the Red Dress


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Style Theory: There is nothing as beautiful in the summer as a red dress against sunkissed skin. It makes for a simple but eye-catching look, keep accessories simple, a fine gold necklace, a gold bangle and tan heels/ flat tan sandals always work well...

Here are the best red dresses on the high street..
Topshop £42
Love this dress, it looks great on, it has a hint of a Realisation Par dress but at a fraction of the price. I tried on a 12 (below) as I wanted it to wrap around generously. It is really low at the top, so would put a safety pin there to keep it in place (prude!), I guess I could sew it but haven't quite worked out how?!
It will look fab with flat tan sandals for holiday evenings..

Topshop - Glamorous Petite £38
A beautiful dress, love the waist detail and the different pattern at the bottom of the dress, it makes the dress look so much more expensive that £38.
Topshop £46
A halterneck can be super flattering, this has gorgeous detail at the back too. However I am not sure you can wear a bra with this one so may be slightly tricky to wear. 
Self Portrait @Matches £260
Slightly ruffle-tastic but I completely adore this dress, Self Portrait dresses are cut beautifully (but on the small side) this has a Spanish dancer vibe but can easily be dressed down with flat tan sandals for holiday, or for a wedding wear with tan heels and slouchy soft tan clutch.
Asos £35
This is one of those comfortable cotton dresses you can stick over a swimsuit/bikini on holiday for a beach to bar look..or like we normally do beach to dinner look as the kids are starving. It will also look fab in the uk with a denim jacket thrown over it and some tan flat sandals.
Asos - Comino Couture £135
Slightly on the pricey side but this is such a beautiful dress, it tells it's own story, accessories can be can be kept to an absolute minimum.
Asos - Sportmax £192
Again on the pricey side but how gorgeous is this dress? My favourite red/pink combo and I am a sucker for a bow. Love everything about this dress, this is one I will be looking out for in the summer sales.
H&M £14.99
A great basic sundress, again great over a bikini, just add a straw hat and a pair of strappy tan flat sandals for red dress perfection.

I am really feeling the love for red at the moment, it is creeping into my day to day wardrobe more and more and I can see this continuing in Autumn and winter. Are you a fan of red, do you like taking a red dress on holiday, wearing one to an event? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments xxxx

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Fran xxxx


  1. I'm going shopping today shall check some of these out. Lovely.
    I've been on snapchat s while. It's great when you get used to it and very addictive! I've just added you - (traceyhez) you'll love it xx

  2. I am absolutely craving a red dress Fran......I love the ASOS sundress but fear that is a bit full on for me. I think the Glamourous one is stunning and I think the print would be perfect to ease me in gently to such a bright colour! xx

  3. I love a red dress too. I'm pale, but I would wear a raspberry red for summer. I have a red sundress with an oriental blossom pattern on and have just worked out that I need to adjust or change the straps, which is why I don't really wear it much.

    That topshop dress looks lovely on you.

  4. Love your picks! These dresses are so stunning!
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