Schoolrun 'Must Have' - The Waterproof Jacket


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Style Theory: Not the most attractive piece of clothing you are ever going to own but oh my goodness, for the schoolrun you will be so grateful you have it, I am talking about the waterproof jacket..

For some reason it always rains at 8.30am and 3pm, it's just sod's law and nothing cuts the mustard better than a good waterproof. Thankfully there are some pretty good waterproof jackets on the high street and the quicker you buy the more you will reap the soggy jumper for you. I prefer to wear slightly lighter weight waterproof jackets as heavier ones can be pretty stuffy due to the usually non-breathable fabric. So layer with vest tops and then a sweater underneath for a cooler, wet trip..

Here are the best waterproof jackets on the high street now:
Petite Bateau £132
Petite Bateau £132
The Iconic Petite Bateau raincoat - the original and a real classic, it whispers 'I have this looking good in the rain business all sussed' without shouting about it. Pricey but will last for years and years and you will most definitely get your money's worth.
Topshop £55
Super cute, pale pink mac, looks great with black skinny ankle length jeans and trainers clash up with a red bag or red trainers to add a touch to 'fashun' to a wet schoolrun..
Topshop Ivy Park - £90
Or could rock the sporty Beyonce/Ivy Park look on the schoolrun. This jacket has great design details, the slit in the back, mesh at the sides and it is water resistant. It is pretty lightweight so would be perfect for Autumn and Spring showers - I must admit I am loving this jacket..
Uniqlo £59.90
This is the daddy of all rain jackets, it is fully waterproof and 'shuts out all wind and rain' according to Uniqlo. I like that you get good hood coverage - important!! And it looks like the hood would stay up - also important when carrying multiple schoolbags, scooters, children etc. It comes in a few different colours but I am drawn to this red version, on a rainy day it will bring a little brightness.
Zara - £49.99
Water -repellant jacket, does a job and looks quite good whilst doing it..
Asos £55
Love this wax rainmac, style like Sienna Miller in the streetstyle photos above (somehow I dont think the crop top the model is wearing above would be my thing!)
Asos - £50
This rain jacket has a wax outer, it looks like it would be the perfect outerwear for the countryside or the city.
Hunter @Asos - £140
The jewelled colour of this waterproof jacket is beautiful, you could keep dry and still look stylish.
Joules @House Of Fraser - £84.95
Cute but not too twee, this Joules waterproof jacket will keep you dry and snuggly.
Asos - £22
When all else fails, the pac-a-mac is the perfect option - stick it in your bag and never be caught out by a rain shower again!

My Style
For the first (dry) schoolrun of the new term I wore red..

Sandals - Topshop £7 (sold out)

Are you all waterproofed up the new school term? Which jacket do you swear by? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xxx


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  2. I'm crazy about the one in the third image, great post.

  3. Thanks for this blog Fran, had just started looking for a new stylish waterproof to get me from school run and car park to office. Love the sienna Miller / Asos Mac but also love yellow!

    1. Ooo me too, Sienna looks fab in hers but I must admit I do like the traditional yellow too, hope you get a good one!! Xxx

  4. I agree that you need a really good waterproof coat for the school run. My M&S trench and an umbrella just don't cut it! I have a forest green Ilse Jacobsen raincoat, very waterproof and reasonably chic. Love that hunter one, though.

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