The Logo Sweater - How do you wear Yours?...


Style Theory: The logo sweater, now a wardrobe staple. It can be styled with everything from skinny jeans and trainers to net skirts and heels. The perfect item in your wardrobe to balance out a 'dressy' look, add a colour pop or just look a little on trend when on the schoolrun.

The new Hades sweaters are my faves, they are the new logo sweaters on the block. Not quite as pricey as Bella Freud sweaters but just as cool. They are 100% scottish wool and are warm, super warm. With logos such as The Smiths, The Slits (to be honest have no idea who they are?!) and Patti Smith they give you some cool kudos (although I was berated by my cool little sister.."Like.., do you actually know who any of these people are?" - yep with the help of google I do!)
They look great paired with this season's must have the metallic pleated skirt, but will look just as good with jeans and wellies on a country walk...

Shoes - Zara (old Season) love these ones

Logo sweaters are here to stay for a while, the question is what logo will you choose? Here are the best on the high street now...

Are you a fan of the logo sweater, do you have a few in your wardrobe, how do you wear yours?! As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xxx


  1. That's what I'm terrified about! That someone will ask me about a group that I can't name a song of which is why I still can't bring myself to buy a Ramones tee.

    But I love that jumper - you've picked a beautiful colour! And they are definitely the coolest jumper on the block currently.

  2. This looks great on you and I love the Bella Freud ones too but it's not something I could carry off, I'm quite a bit older than you so it would be a bit 'mutton'.

  3. Love, love, love the sweater Fran! Looks amazing with the metallic skirt.....such a cool look! xx

  4. I love this look! Rock and roll but so lady like! Perfect! You have a great style! X

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  6. You look lovely in all your greys and silvers. I do like your new hair, I'm watching carefully as I have just gone blonde myself. I do already wear lots of greys come autumn. Very cool jumper... yes I do know who they are.

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