Who Influences you in Fashion?


Style Theory: I was so excited to be asked to be part of Endource shoot for 'The Women Influencing our Wardrobes' incredibly flattered and so looking forward to getting my hair and make up done professionally and have the chance to try on rails of clothes..heaven.

Dress - La Redoute £49 (40% off at moment making it £29.40!!)
Boots - La Redoute £99 (40% off makes them £59.40!!)

I fell in love with this dress and had always deemed my legs too chunky to pair with boots, but with some persuasion, I wore these boots and they worked to update the look. They are a great length and hit my calves in the right place. As you know I am a huge fan of ruffles and this dress hides a tummy to perfection, I have since bought both items!!

It was so lovely working with the bloggers below and it got me thinking, as to who influences the way we dress now? I, for one, have seen myself shift from pouring over magazines, reading every page (Grazia, Instyle, Red and Marie Claire were my fashion bibles - as they normally had great affordable, high street fashion) to now finding that I look to my favourite bloggers on Instagram and also pinterest for ideas. Mainly it is because it is quick, easy to find exactly what I am looking for both in style and price range. I still buy all the monthly magazines (along with Grazia and Look) but now I read them days/weeks after I have bought them when I have a spare minute. Fashion is constantly changing, that is why I find it so exciting and the way we interpret fashion has done too.
From left: Mother Pukka, The Online Stylist, Style Me Sunday and Polishing Colors
These lovely ladies I shot with at the Endource shoot, all have different styles, do things their own cool, unique way, that is what I love about fashion, it is all encompassing. You can carve out your own style or follow others, either way is good, it is your prerogative, you should wear the best selling item if you love it and look good in it even if it is all over Instagram or equally wear something completely different it doesn't matter, if it makes you feel good wear it, for me fashion is fluid, it can be as tame or as bold as you dare....

It was fun seeing, all of our different styles merge, I think it works!!

Who influences you in the world of fashion, are you look to blogs/Instagram for inspiration or do go to Pinterest or are you still a magazine fan? I would love to hear what you think? 

If you would like to check out the shoot, our interviews and details on what we are all wearing (my second outfit I was smitten with too) and if you don't already subscribe check out Endource, they are an up to the minute source of the best high street/ high end finds - they are worth a visit - click here

Thank you Endource for the fab day, Caz Wren for her magic make up and hair skills and Dan Williams for his amazing photography skills... 

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading, Love Fran xxxxxx


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