The one thing I wear the most....The Hoody...


Style Theory: I was thinking today as I shoved on my hoody for the millionth time, that it was the item I wear most in my wardrobe. From taking the kids to school, to meetings, to as soon as I get back from London on goes my hoody and pjs bottoms. Hoodies are comfy, cosy and thanks to the freezing conditions at New York fashion week this year are deemed pretty cool. 

I love a hoody styled with straight or ankle length kick flare jeans, heels (block heels work best) and a tailored coat, add a cross body bag and you have a laid back, cool and practical outfit. I promise you the hoody will be your 'go to' piece of clothing from deepest darkest winter to cool summer evenings..

Here are the best on the high street now....
Topshop Longline Hoody £29

This hoody is a gorgeous colour it would look great under a khaki, camel or navy tailored coat. As it is longline it is the perfect sweater to wear with leather leggings, will hit your legs in a flattering place just add a pair of stan smith trainers, a coat and a short cross body bag in a contrasting colour (red would look great) or go for a neutral and you have a cool look.

Topshop Oversized Super Soft Hoodie £26

I am a huge fan of green at the moment and this hoody would look fab under a black leather biker or shearling jacket with ankle length jeans and stan smith trainers (especially if they have the green logo at the back)

Topshop Basic Oversize Hoody £26

Adore this vibrant pink, it looks gorgeous under a tailored camel coat with jeans and gold shoes or boots, add a black cross body bag with gold hardware..perfect.

Topshop £38

This is similar to the NYPD one I am wearing below that I live in. I think I will have to buy this one too, love it, the quality is fab, I would wear it with my faux fur coat, a red cross body bag, jeans and my gold gucci shoes (although I would love some gold stiletto boots - a new obsession I will blog about tomorrow!)

Topshop £38

The hoody I spend my life in, I love wearing it with my pink coat, jeans and heels - see below..

Or with faux fur and 'my never off my feet but I agree they are quite naff' Uggs! 
My basic uniform..
Faux Fur Jacket  - Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - J Brand @The Outnet
Uggs - John Lewis

Asos Oversized Hoody £25

A brilliant buy, a black hoody is just a useful basic, wear under a tailored check or camel coat or under a coloured faux fur for a cool street style look without the effort!
Jack Wills £59.95

There is no doubt Jack Wills produce a good hoody, I have a few that have stood the test of time, well worth the investment. This berry colour will work beautifully with a pink coat or bag, clashing is good, the bigger the clash the better.

Hush Cashmere Hoody £200

The most beautiful cashmere hoody, completely and utterly indulgent but gorgeous under a biker jacket with cropped kick flared or straight jeans and heels.

Do you indulge in hoody wearing, I love the fact that it is now acceptable and even regarded as cool by the fashion set! I shall continue wearing my hoody with pride and not just with my pjs bottoms (although that is exactly what I am wearing as I sit here writing!) 

Thanks so much for reading, until the next time Fran x


  1. Wow it's cool how the hoodies are worn in these pictures! I love the padded coat in the first photo!


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