The Items I have Invested in (over time) and are Completely Worth It....


Style Theory: To be honest, it has taken me until my 40s to be able to save and buy myself anything designer, before I never had enough money and there was always something more important than my clothes to spend any money I had on, there still is but with a mixture of gift vouchers for my 'big (40th) birthday' and buying (slightly) less fast fashion I have treated myself to some amazing items that I absolutely adore, love wearing and as I want to get my money's worth I absolutely do not keep for best, I love them..I wear them..

First....The Gucci Belt

Gucci £270
I get asked daily for the exact details of my Gucci belt on Instagram, it really is a beauty and one thing that I did debate about buying for 6 months and finally bit the bullet and have worn it non stop since. It just makes a pretty basic outfit of blazer, t shirt jeans and trainers look a little more dressed up. I bought the medium width belt, I tried all three sizes and found this to be the best to wear with jeans as it just the right width. The 'GG' is not too big or blingy but is noticable enough. The black leather is so versatile, I loved wearing it the summer with jeans and black strappy flat sandals and in the winter it looks great with jumpers (side tucked) into jeans and boots. 

**The one I have linked to is the man's version (ie. buckle buckles the opposite way to normal) this is the one I have as the woman's version was always sold out. It is a bit of a pain at first but them you get used to it and no one has noticed so far!! I bought the 105cm size but it is a little too big I wear it on the smallest hole so definitely could have gone for the 100cm or 95cm - I am average size 10 with not exactly a cinched in waist!

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Gucci £805
I was bought the Gucci Soho Disco bag for my 40th by my collective family and friends and it was my first proper designer bag. I have used it to death and still love it as much. It is amazing how much I can fit in there, a book, purse and phone and small make up bag, it is like a little tardis. Perfect for day to day wear and is compact enough not to weigh a ton..would recommend although I do dream of owning a red one too..
Gucci £805
Wear this with a red slick of lipstick..stunning..

Gold Gucci Marmont Shoes

Gucci Marmont Shoes £585
These are my 'happy shoes' every time I wear them they make me happy (yes, I am deep!) Possibly slightly (very) frivolous, but they are just gorgeous, insanely comfortable and look fab with ankle length jeans, trousers or dresses..basically everything. Size down at least one whole size, I sized down half a size and they are too big now as the leather is so soft it does stretch, so buy slightly tighter rather than bigger..

The Aquazzurra 70s Boot

Aquazzura £885
Every year I look for a pair of 70s inspired boots, boots you can wear with skinny jeans or dresses and skirts and ones that you can walk in. This year these have caught my eye, they look amazing on, they have a real slouch and are made of the softest leather. They are completely timeless and will, if I splurge, last me the rest of my life!!

Missoma Necklace

Missoma Lucy Williams Mini Fang Necklace £105
Ok so not such a huge price item but in my eyes a real luxury. I wear this necklace every day, never take it off and it never dulls or tarnishes. It looks great as the base of a layered gold necklace look but also looks just as lovely in the summer with a swimsuit on the beach. A really beautiful piece of jewellery.

The Luxury Cashmere Sweater

Scout Cashmere $250
This is the best cashmere jumper I have worn and washed successfully! It is the softest cashmere, so perfectly cut and looks fab on, I have a medium as I like to wear sweaters quite loose. I was sent this by Scout Cashmere but I will definitely invest in another one, I think a black one next as they are well worth the money and I have worn it non-stop..

Chloe Susannah Boots

Chloe Susanna £850
These again required lots of saving, I had been looking at them for 6 years since their relaunch and love how they look on others. To be honest, it has taken me a while to like them on me, I found them slightly too chunky and super loud when I walked in them, but after wearing them quite a few times this Autumn I love them. I think the trend of chunky boots this season has made these look quite dainty and so they are looking, in my eyes, better with dresses and I love them with leather leggings and knits.. Size down on these at least half a size, they come up big.

Sometimes, if you can, it is worth investing in one hero piece, when friends and family ask you what you fancy for your birthday or Christmas ask for vouchers and treat Yo'self!! You will feel like a million dollars and love mixing and matching your item with your existing wardrobe and new high street pieces. 

Are you a designer fan, what have you invested in and which pieces are on your wish list..?

Until next time Fran 


  1. I had saved up for the Chloe susanna boots and went into London to buy them last week, but they were too tight across the toes. I was gutted as I'd tried them on last year and they fitted perfectly. Weirdly other colours fitted fine but I really wanted the black with gold studs. You definitely need to try these on in the store.

    1. Oh no what a pain, hopefully they will stretch a little but yes it is such a good idea to have a good try on before investing in any items as they are all a little different xx

  2. Hi Carol, the Hush boots are lovely and I love the fact they are less blingy and the red Gucci bag is beautiful it looks so so lovely with every outfit (still on my wish list) I would definitely recommend the Gucci belt I just love it and wear it sooo much (I love in jeans!) xxxxx

  3. Love this post about investment pieces! Quick question: you linked to the farfetch website, did you have to pay import duties? Thanks!x

  4. I have just bought or perhaps splurged on the Gucci belt after admiring it for months on your Instagram. I’ve been dieting and it was my reward for feeling comfortable wearing things tucked in again. I love it. Thank you x

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