The Perfect Autumn Skin 'Pick me up' with Max Factor


Beauty Theory: It is about this time of year when my skin starts to look dull, it needs a little extra help to even out my complexion and give it a glow. My skin takes on an attractive grey hue and looks patchy so I need a foundation that caters for my combination, increasingly mature..(eek!) skin. 

I have been using Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation over the last few weeks and it is giving me that summer glow back. It is a medium-high coverage liquid foundation, that feels incredibly light on my skin. It gives skin 24 hour hydration and has SPF20 that is now vital in all my skincare. It adapts to your skin so if you have combination skin, like me, it will keep the shiny bits matt and the dry bits moisturised (in basic terms!) and is affordable from Boots at £14.99.

It is the quickest and easiest foundation to apply, I use the tips of my fingers and a very small amount goes a long way. Now for the scary no make up 'before' shot....

As you can see, if you ignore the lines, my skin is pretty patchy, I have an oily T-zone and slightly drier on my cheeks, with redness on my cheeks and chin and the odd break out and scar from a bad habit of attacking spots and still lots of freckles, as well as a fair amount of pigmentation. I really do not like wearing a lot of make up, partly due to bad time management I just do not organise myself well enough nor do I have the desire to spend hours on my face and partly because my skin feels claustrophobic with a heavy layer of foundation on. The Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation feels velvety and light on my skin and can be applied in a flash..

Applying the Foundation
I apply it as I would a moisturiser and only use a small amount at a time. I pay a little more attention to under my eyes and my chin and blend under my neck and down to my decolletage but only the remainder of the foundation that is on my face, less is always more for me. I have found the 'Natural' shade to be the right shade for my skin tone at the moment, I still have a little colour from the summer, however there are 16 shades to choose from so there is a shade to suit most skintones. If you are unsure of the perfect colour for your skin tone there are Max Factor make up in Boots store who will be able to match you up...

Not a massive difference but enough to make me look healthier and my skin looks radiant and even. I like the fact you almost would not notice it but it gives me more confidence that my skin looks better, and it lasts all day. It is a great base for my day to day make up look... - a little bronzer, a slick of eyeliner and some bright pink lips I look a little more alive but more importantly my skin can still breathe. 

It is now a firm part of my Autumn Winter make up routine, along with statement earrings and lots of blue...

I guess now I am 42 it is time I started looking after myself a little better and the fact that the foundation takes approx 3 minutes to apply is the first step in the right direction. Are you a foundation fan, which ones do you use and how do find them, have you tried this Max Factor foundation yet? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran
Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation - Boots
Camisole - John Lewis 
Jumper - John Lewis
Earrings - &Other Stories
Shoes - M&S
Jeans - Levis
Bag - Aurora London

*all these photos have no filters on any editing of any kind (I guess that is quite obvious..from the scary before shot!)

This blog post was written in collaboration with Max Factor, all thoughts, opinions and styling are my own.


  1. Hi Fran,
    Skin looks really great. Like you I hate feeling like I’m wearing a Mask and therefore don’t wear foundation. Might have to give this a whirl.
    I recently had a TCA peel, I’m slightly older than you at 46 but felt my skin needed some attention. I blogged the whole process but it might put you off your tea :/ I’m all for anything that makes you feel better about yourself.

    Tracey [ Naughty Forty Diaries ] xxx