Pattern on Pattern...

Style Theory: High streets stores are awash with fabulous prints this summer, it is all about the 60s and 70s boho look which will continue into AW14. Contrasting prints are clashed against one another on garments, to create a bold, new look. Small, repeat patterns are mixed with larger exaggerated whimsical prints. It is a move on from previous years stripes and florals it is time to be brave and start mixing it up! 

Images above via Pinterest
Now for the best on the High Street:
Zara Printed Playsuit £39.99
Zara Contrast Print Top £29.99
Asos Skirt £50

Wear this Asos skirt or the Topshop skirt below with the Zara top above.

Topshop Flower Skirt £35

Topshop Flower Jacquard Dress £65

The dresses make life simple as the print has been mixed for you...

Topshop Tile Print Dress £45

This dress looks fab on, I have bought it as one of my beach dresses and will be wearing it with gold gladiator sandals.

Topshop Paisley Print Dress £40
Cos Dress £79

Dune Shoe £75

Topshop Limited Edition Tee and Wrap Skirt £135
I have these trousers, they are really comfortable but do come up short (I am 5ft2ish) and they fit me lengthways perfectly so I would not recommend for ladies blesssed with height (see them in My Style below).
Topshop Zig Zag Trousers £40

My Style:
These Topshop trousers are great for daytime as they are cool and flattering. I wore mine with a camisole top tucked in but am looking for a tops with a small pattern on to clash it up a little and make it look slightly edgier.

Camisole Top: Topshop
Trousers: Topshop
Sandals: Debenhams
Bag: TK Maxx

So are you up for the Print mix up, are you ready for the 60s and 70s fashion to descend on us again..I think I am...

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time, Frances x


  1. Can't wait to see you in the dress you've bought Frances, it is gorgeous. I also love the Cos one you feature, their dresses are always good on me, the only thing I am gutted about is I had a Phase Eight one in a similar style about five years ago, people always commented on it and now I am wondering why on earth I got rid of it! xx

    1. It's it annoying when you have got rid of a dress that is perfect a few years on..I did the same with a pink whistles coat..took it to the charity shop a few years later it would have been perfect! x

  2. That Topshop dress will look fabulous on look amazing in the patterned trews!! I love the Topshop tile print number too! xx

    1. Thanks Michelle, I do love that tile print dress..if money were no object I would buy them all! x

  3. Stunning trousers on you, Frances. You look beautiful. I think this look is great on others but sadly not for me :-( Lynne xx

  4. I love the Zara long sleeve play suit! I'm falling for pattern more & more these days & its such fun! You look lovely as always Frances & I love the top tucked in too! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea, yep the Zara playsuit is gorge ! x

  5. Love the pattern on pattern, haven't tried it yet, only just doing the stripes and florals together! I'm usually about a year behind! Particularly like your topshop trousers! someone I work with has them and the pattern is fab!
    Abbi x

  6. LOVE the cos one you feature. How wonderful to see photos full of sun!

  7. Looking lovely in yours - I spotted you over on Pinterest. I am kicking myself because there was a super cute skirt and top print co-ord in Topshop and it's sold out. I keep (desperately) checking back to see if it has come back in stock! x