January Pay Day Treats

Style Theory: January is a lonnng month so what better way to make it a little better than a little payday treat. Here is a few items I have my eye on that will brighten up this rainy January and February..
Cici Clothing Top £52
This is top of my list and a top I will most definitely be treating myself to this. I love the peplum detail, the clash of the red and pink and the cute buttons on the collar. It is cotton polyester mix and hand wash (eek) but it feels super comfy on and hides a tummy perfectly. The top is also available at Topshop Oxford Street but unfortunately not online from Topshop just Cici Clothing (link above)
Cos - Knitted Top with Contrast Skirt £59
Another peplum top, this time it is a black knit with a cool skirt detail. This sweater looks fab with skinny ankle length jeans (either black or blue) and heeled boots or trainers. It is a beautiful twist on a plain black crewneck and just a little more stylish.
Self Portrait - Off the Shoulder top £170
A slightly more 'spendy' option, I have been stalking this top for a while and it has just come back into stock, no doubt will sell out again soon. It sits beautifully off the shoulders and is a truly decadent top made with lace and crepe de chine ( it will hang beautifully on) It would look amazing with black cropped kick flare jeans and heels for a stunning 'night out' look.
Self Portrait @Net a Porter £170
Another top I have had my eye on for a while, this is a beautiful lace top, a step above my other tops, beautifully finished around the neck with gorgeous details like the buttons on the cuffs. It looks beautiful on and will see you through the year, wear now with a chunky cardigan and jeans, in the summer wear with denim shorts and flat tan sandals.
Topshop Victoriana Lace Top £45
A slightly more affordable version of the top above, it looks gorgeous 'in real life' quite vintage looking and would be the perfect addition to a Spring wardrobe.
Baukjen - Bartley Leather Skirt £164 
I have this skirt and absolutely adore it, it is made of the softest leather I have ever felt, it is a great length (sits on my knees) and can be so easily dressed up with a blouse, opaques and heels or dressed down with trainers and a grey t shirt. I love mixing it with different tones of pinks for a cool spring look as I did for a meeting below..

Ph via Noholita
Since I saw this photo on Noholita's instagram I have been looking for a pair of grey trousers. I spotted the trousers below in Topshop but did not have a chance to try them on, I have ordered them so will let you know if they are slouchy enough to create the look above. If not, I tried on the Mango trousers below and they look pretty good so I will order these as well and compare the two..
Topshop - Mensey Trouser £40
Mango Pleat Trouser £49.99
Nike Cortez @Office £61.99
My current trainer obsession, cool, practical and very Spring 2016..
Asos Dolly Bow Trainers £25
A cheaper version of the Ports 1961 trainers below (they are super cool but at £300+ a huge investment for what is, essentially, a fashion look) 
Ports 1961
Now for the slightly random...
Mini Pyramid Terrarium @Urban Outfitters £25
I adore these terrariums, they look cool on a shelf/bedside table and the copper adds cool colour to your room. You plant hardy plants in them (cactus etc) so they are completely low maintenance and look fab, a little mini garden at your fingertips (they make a great present)
Lime and Bay candle The White Company £20
This smells utterly gorgeous, it will being a beautiful candle light and fragrance to your home through these cold, dark months..
Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Kit @John Lewis £45
If you are like me, your skin looks pretty dull at this time of year. I am pretty late to jump on the Liz Earle bandwagon but I cannot believe it took me so long. I was bought this Liz Earle set by a lovely friend for my birthday and I adore it. It makes my skin feel clean, refreshed and rejuvinated. It smells amazing, very natural and is super light on my skin. I am a Liz Earle convert..

So a little random list of things that I would love and have also brightened up my January (my birthday in the middle is a big bonus) Have you treated yourself to anything this January, have you got anything on your January payday treat list?

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Frances xxxx


  1. Some fab inspiration Frances! I love your outfit of the day....the leather skirt looks amazing! I am sooo tempted by some grey trews as an alternative to jeans so I may have to take a closer look at them! I have bought something thanks to your wish though! The White Company sent me a lovely £10 off voucher so I took the liberty of ordering the Lime & Bay candle....I'm looking forward to a lovely new scent wafting through my home! xx

  2. I adore the ivory self portrait top myself ..... it's on my wish list. The cos peplum knit is also divine .... I hope you purchased it? :) x

  3. Do you know if those Dolly Bow trainers run true to size? I'm between 3 and 4 and I never know which ones to get.
    And I love the Cortez trainers too!

  4. Thanks for the January inspiration Frances. I am tempted by the black Cos sweater and the grey trousers. Mango take sooo long to deliver so may try the Topshop ones to "scratch the itch"! I have a pleather burgundy leather skirt which you have now inspired me to try with a pink sweater. Thank you! Sue xx

  5. Thanks for the January inspiration Frances. I am tempted by the black Cos sweater and the grey trousers. Mango take sooo long to deliver so may try the Topshop ones to "scratch the itch"! I have a pleather burgundy leather skirt which you have now inspired me to try with a pink sweater. Thank you! Sue xx

  6. Love the leather skirt. xx

  7. I need to stop wearing jeans as I'm starting to annoy myself with my lack of outfit inspiration so will have a look at the grey trousers - they look so good!
    I have just started using Liz Earle too and am a complete convert - its the best skincare I've ever used!

  8. leather skirts! My favorite :)
    You are looking really nice, Thanks for sharing.


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