This Season's 'Must Have' tee


Style Theory: Band tees have been around for a long time but this summer they re-emerged as 'the' tee to wear. They are slightly different from the grey marl 'Ramones' look from a few years ago, the new crop are on a dark base and work perfectly to toughen up pleated skirts, mini skirts and mom jeans. Pair with some super chunky black ankle boots and you have a cool AW16 look..
Rough Studio Tee €79.95
This is the tee of the moment, on the expensive side of things but it is the tee all the fashionistas are wearing. Pair with a gold, pleated midi skirt, a pair of heeled black boots and a leather biker....
Isabel Marant £65
This tee has to be my pick of the bunch, I spotted this on the very cool Lindsey from Ropes of Holland and hastily added it to this blog. Just the right amount of rock chic, subtle and totally cool. 
Urban Outfitters £26
Now necessarily a band tee, but cool nonetheless. Pair this with a leather mini skirt (or this season's black PVC skirt, see Mango one below and opaque tights and boots.
Mango £35.99
Topshop £18
Not quite getting the whole 'spliced' idea but do like this tee. Pair with a dark red pleated midi skirt and boots for a cool look.
Topshop £22
More of a coke tee than a band tee but I have a similar top I bought years ago from Topshop and I literally wear it with everything, from denim shorts in the summer to a navy blazer, boyfriend jeans and heels in the winter. Such a useful item in my wardrobe.
Topshop £24
Loving the tie look on this tee - adds interest, a real rock chic vibe.
Missguided £15
The rock chic look without the skulls, I would pair this with a silver or gold metallic, pleated skirt and trainers, or wear it with the skirt below...
Travelling Bazaar Silk Skirt £158
This skirt is stunning on, it reaches my knees (I am 5ft3) and feels amazing on as it is silk. I would wear it with a band tee, black opaques and boots (see the first photo I posted of The Fashion Guitar above in the streetstyle)

I am going to give this look a try, I will report back and let you know how I get on and what I style it up with. Are you a fab of rocker/band tees? As always I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, until next time Fran xxx


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